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Mediating workplace bullying complaints

Trainer: Dr Moira Jenkins
CPD: up to 6.5 hours
Cost: $729 for members and $759 for non members

This one-day workshop examines the WHS model of workplace bullying and the types of bullying complaints appropriate for mediation as well as how to conduct mediation from within an occupational health and safety framework. The workshop uses case studies, small group activities and experiential tasks to address the issues presented.

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Morning - Part 1: An WHS model of workplace bullying

This session examines the WHS model of workplace bullying and helps workshop participants better understand the different interpretations of the word ‘bullying’ from both an employee’s perspective and a legal/policy perspective.

It also addresses the overlap between the terms ‘bullying’, ‘harassment’ and 'discrimination’. The development and maintenance of workplace bullying from a risk management approach is mapped and participants are provided with an WHS model of bullying from which interventions such as mediation can start.

Afternoon - Part 2: Mediating bullying complaints from an WHS perspective

This session examines the types of bullying complaints that are appropriate for mediation and the arguments for and against mediating workplace bullying complaints. Participants are encouraged to problem solve some of the impediments to mediating bullying complaints and the workshop examines, in depth, how mediators can assist both parties to collaborate in identifying organisational factors that have contributed to the complaint.

This part of the workshop also addresses how conflict coaching can assist the parties in the pre-mediation phase, and how the mediator can better work with HR in order to identify systemic issues that have contributed to the alleged behaviours. Issues such as intake, power, confidentiality and sustainability of mediated outcomes are discussed.

Trainer's profile

Dr Moira Jenkins is an experienced psychologist and mediator. Her PhD thesis examined the perceptions of the bullied target, the alleged perpetrator and the HR professional charged with managing complaints of bullying, with the aim of improving the prevention and management of workplace bullying and harassment. Prior to starting her own business in 2005, Moira was the Manager of the Complaint Handling Section of the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission where she investigated and conciliated complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Currently Moira works part time as a clinical psychologist and also as a mediator, trainer and conflict coach in the area of workplace bullying. Moira has postgraduate qualifications in mediation and conflict management, and has undertaken LEADR mediation training, as well as conciliation training through the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.