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CINERGY™ conflict coaching 4 day

Trainers: Lynora Brooke and Julie Walker
Length: 28 hours over 4 days

This 4 day workshop trains you to be a conflict coach utilising the CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching model and contributes to Continuing Coaching Education Units approved by the International Coach Federation.

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As a trained CINERGY™ conflict management coach, you will be able to coach individuals to:

  • Understand and reflect on their approach to conflict
  • Help shift destructive reactions to more constructive responses
  • Communicate effectively in conflict situations
  • Develop skills to manage disputes more collaboratively.

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We offer this course regularly and can also deliver the training in-house.

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Skills development

Conflict management coaching workshops are limited to 15 participants to ensure individual attention and focused learning. Participants will:

  • Identify the unique principles and methods of conflict management coaching
  • Explore the theory that underpins conflict management coaching
  • Learn the stages in conflict management coaching
  • Examine their own skills in managing conflict
  • Develop skills to be an effective conflict management coach
  • Identify pertinent assessment tools
  • Learn to apply different conflict management coaching strategies.

The workshop is highly interactive incorporating self-reflection, skill-building exercises, discussions, simulations, demonstrations and practice sessions.

About conflict management coaching accreditation

What participants have said

“Great program! Really useful to add to my toolkit. A really worthwhile experience.”

“It was presented in a clear, easy to follow manner.”

“Really enjoyed the workshop and the way it was delivered. Met my expectations in every way.”

“The feedback and being able to ask questions as we went along in real time.”

“Being able to practice the method and receive very constructive feedback from other participants, the trainer and coach-mentors”

“Experience of being the client and unravelling real conflicts.”

“Capacity of the model to be used in a variety of situations.”

About conflict management coaching

Conflict management coaching is a process in which a trained coach supports and helps an individual to deal with specific conflict situations and to become competent in managing disputes. It is voluntary and confidential enabling people to gain insight in examining their own contribution to conflict and the choices available to them.

Conflict management coaching is particularly useful as an early intervention strategy, in situations where parties may not be ready or able to bring the conflict into the open, or where there are habitual patterns of destructive conflict. It can be used to prepare people to engage more effectively in negotiation, mediation and relational conflict.

About the CINERGY® model of conflict management