Working with high conflict personalities and situations

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This webinar recording explores the skills already in the mediator’s tool box and how they can be applied to high conflict situations. It offers practical ways to work as effectively as possible with parties exhibiting difficult or high conflict personalities.Conflict is at the heart of dispute resolution, but when it is presented as high conflict and presented by parties exhibiting high conflict personalities, many mediators struggle to intervene in a productive manner.

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About the presenter

Anna Quinn

Linda Kochanski

Practice Leader: Dispute Resolution Programs
College of Law

Linda started her professional life as a lawyer specialising in Family and Criminal law. This is where she ‘tripped over’ mediation in the early 1990s. She was then trained at Relationships Australia Queensland as a mediator and has worked for Relationships Australia in a number of positions.

Linda moved to academia in 2000 and has worked for Griffith University, QUT and Bond as a lecturer and co-ordinator of courses. She then began to specialise in mediation training and private practice. At Bond University she held the position of Co-Director of the Bond Dispute Resolution Centre from 2012 – 2015. She is presently Practice Leader: Dispute Resolution Programs, College of Law (Australia).

Linda has a number of published articles and presents regularly nationally and internationally on dispute resolution and, in particular, family mediation. Most recently she was Chair of the National Mediation Conference 2016 and was elected to the National Mediation Standards Board.

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Tags: Mediation, Family Dispute Resolution