Arbitration on its way back: The reinvigoration of arbitration under the IAMA Rules

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Legislative changes to Australia’s domestic commercial arbitration landscape have prompted the review of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMA) Arbitration Rules. The review has aligned the IAMA Rules to the revised Commercial Arbitration Acts and international best practice under the UNCITRAL Model Law, ensuring arbitral practice remains efficient and cost-effective. This article will examine the theoretical and historical background to the recent reform, the IAMA review process and the major changes and features of the 2014 IAMA Rules, with reference to the 2007 IAMA Rules.

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We thank the authors of this article Albert Monichino QC, Russell Thirgood and Warren Fischer, and the journal editor Russell Thirgood for their contribution to this journal.

Tags: Arbitration, Legal practice, Dispute handling administration