Child inclusion in family mediation in the context of highly conflicted parental separation and potential alienation

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This paper describes an extension of the research and clinical practice on child inclusion at the time of parental separation. The overwhelming support for child inclusive mediation by parents, children and mediators along with the promising results of skilful and sensitive practice, makes this an intervention of immense potential value.

In this paper I argue for a social science and judicial interlock which mandates research informed, clinical practice to address the unjustified resist/refuse behaviours, without compromising external investigations. I have termed this intervention Therapeutic Family Facilitation (TFF). The intervention is based on promising evidence that high conflict family disputes can be heard and resolved in a timely way in a judicially mandated process, in an out-of-court intervention. Resolving family impasse, by means of empirical and qualified practice, counters the damage to children and their families — which is considered by researchers and experts to be a public health issue.

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Tags: Family Mediation, Mediation, Mediation Management