The workplace and the value of mediation microskills

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This session takes a closer look at some of the microskills that every HR professional and manager should have in their toolkit and their relevance for relationship management, performance feedback and coaching.

The skills and techniques practised in dispute resolution processes are just as relevant and useful in day to day workplace discussions.

As well as taking a closer look at the microskills associated with active listening, the session will offer preparation tips and techniques for important workplace conversations and interactions.

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About the speaker

Anna Quinn

Gabrielle O’Brien
Experienced manager, facilitator and coach

Gabrielle O’Brien began her career in human resource management in the public sector in New Zealand and the private sector in the United Kingdom with a focus on industrial relations, change management and organisation development.

Since 2007 Gabrielle has worked in general management roles in membership based organisations where relationship management, influencing and facilitative conversation skills are key.

Gabrielle is an Associate Professional Member of the Resolution Institute and an Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership Level 2 Certified Coach.

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Tags: Mediation, Human resources management