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29 April 2022
Probity: Obstacle or Assurance
Dispute Resolution Article | April 2022

Written by Ibrahim Elkojje

Tags: Mediation, Conflict resolution, Dispute resolution
28 May 2020
Positive Supervision – for supervisors, facilitators and peer groups
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

Positive supervision is an innovative and successful approach to individual, group and peer supervision that is suitable for use in any environment (clinical, corporate, educational, health, governmental, community).

Tags: Mediation, Facilitation
25 May 2020
Practical ideas for building your brand
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

The focus of this conversation was on actions practitioners can implement straight away in the current climate.

Tags: Online, dispute resolution, marketing
20 May 2020
How the Modern Slavery Acts are creating demand for dispute resolution professionals
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

Hayley Jarick introduces the Modern Slavery Act requirements on entities and their supply chains and discuss opportunities this creates for dispute resolution professionals in the social and environmental sustainability industries.

Tags: Management
17 April 2020
Without the ‘whites of their eyes’: resolving disputes on the telephone
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

With the context of COVID-19 we’re aware that many more dispute resolution practitioners will be grappling with resolving disputes over the telephone.

tags: Mediation
26 February 2020
Managing risk and good business practice
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This webinar offers an opportunity to reflect and/or revisit with this important topic in order to protect yourself and your business.

Tags: Mediation, General Management
12 June 2019
In Different Voices: refugee and migrant communities' engagement with conflict resolution
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This webinar draws on the findings from a 2-3 year research project “Engagement of the Auckland Refugee & New Migrant Communities with Conflict Resolution” conducted in the Culture & Society Department of AUT.

Tags: Mediation, Conflict management coaching, Human resources management, General management
8 June 2018
Managing abrasive behaviour in the workplace
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This webinar focuses on how to use conflict management skills and knowledge to respond to abrasive behaviours in the workplace.

Tags: Conflict management coaching resources,  Dispute handling administration, General management, Human resource management
5 April 2018
‘Risk managing’ your practice…tips and strategies
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This webinar looks at what it means to ‘risk manage’ your practice and how to put processes and strategies in place if a complaint does arise.

Tags: Conciliation, Mediation, Dispute handling administration, General management, 
30 June 2017
The arbitrator and mediator | Resolution Institute
Journal | June 2017 | Available for purchase & free for members

Read articles, case notes and book reviews on dispute resolution in this bi-annual peer reviewed publication.

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