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5 August 2020
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in the business world
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“Laura Keily shares a demonstration of ‘immediation’, the development and thinking behind the product and how it’s being used”

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30 June 2020
Running a home-based business (AU)
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In this webinar Nick provides you with information about claiming home-based expenses and understanding how capital gains tax may apply.

10 June 2020
Talking Strategy
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

Amber Williams (CEO) and Russell Thirgood (Chair) talks over the strategic plan for Resolution Institute through until 2022.

20 April 2020
Online dispute resolution - How to use Microsoft TEAMS plus other practical tips and tricks
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This presentation is aimed at dispute resolution practitioners who are interested in providing online dispute resolution and want a quick start guide to using the Microsoft TEAMS videoconferencing platform. 

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17 April 2020
Without the ‘whites of their eyes’: resolving disputes on the telephone
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With the context of COVID-19 we’re aware that many more dispute resolution practitioners will be grappling with resolving disputes over the telephone.

tags: Mediation
15 April 2020
Leadership and crisis management
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This webinar has guidance for all about how to lead yourself and others through times of crisis.

Tags: Mediation 
15 April 2020
What MODRON can offer: the value it can add for dispute resolution professionals
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

Nathan Polito, the founder of MODRON highlights for participants, through demonstration and discussion, the features of MODRON, what MODRON offers and the value add it has, as opposed to other platforms, for dispute resolution professionals.

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1 April 2020
Managing your private dispute resolution practice during a downturn
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

An incredible group conversation with a large DR family sharing ideas and support, led with skill and warm heart by Nina and Steve.

Tags: Mediation
11 November 2019
Singapore Mediation Lecture
with Joanna Kalowski
30 November 2018
Australian Law Reform Commission Review of the Family Law System
Submissions | May-November 2018 | Accessible to everyone
Tags: Family dispute resolution, Legal practice
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