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All our Professional and Fellow members are welcome to join our Dispute Resolver Directory, the largest directory of dispute resolvers in Australia and New Zealand.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why can’t I create or update my profile?

    A few things to check:

    • Did you press the submit button (at the bottom right of the form) to save your changes?
    • Did you select ‘Yes’ to the agreement to be listed question: ‘I agree to be listed in the Resolution Institute website search directory for dispute resolvers who provide services in New Zealand/Australia’
    • Have you got a current professional or fellow membership?
  • How do I turn off my profile if I no longer want to be in the dispute resolver directory?

    To stop your profile from appearing in our dispute resolver directory, please update your profile:

    1. Follow the instructions on the webpage to get into the update form
    2. Select ’No’ under ’Agreement to be listed’ in the question ’I agree to be listed in the Resolution Institute website search directory for dispute resolvers who provide services in New Zealand/Australia’
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the form (you don’t need to complete or delete other details)
    4. Click the ’Submit’ at the bottom of the form to save your changes and you will no longer be listed in the directory
  • Why can I select some methods of dispute resolution but not others, such as arbitration, adjudication, mediation, etc.?

    Resolution Institute is committed to developing and supporting high standards of practice in dispute resolution (DR), and so has separated areas of DR into the below two searchable categories:

    • Dispute resolution accreditation: includes areas of DR which are certified by accreditations/qualifications recognised by RI, and so only members who currently hold accreditations/qualifications will appear in search results for these areas of DR.
    • Additional dispute resolution skills: includes areas of DR which are not certified by accreditations/qualifications recognised by RI. Members will have the opportunity to update the options in this section themselves.
  • Do I have to fill in all parts of the dispute resolver directory?

    No, you can choose to provide information only for those sections which you want to fill in. The only section that is mandatory to fill in is ‘I agree to be listed in the Resolution Institute website search directory for dispute resolvers who provide services in New Zealand/Australia’.

    The section of the form called ‘Find a dispute resolver’ is also important. It contains information that searchers will enter to get a list of dispute resolvers so it is advantageous to provide as much information as is relevant to your services.

    How much information you provide for on your personal webpage is up to you. People are more likely to make contact with a dispute resolver with good information on their profile page.

  • If my name starts with ’Z’ will I always be bottom of the list?

    No, the results of a search will always appear in a list in random order, ensuring that all members have equal opportunity to appear at the top of the results list.

  • Why are there separate New Zealand and Australian dispute resolver directories? I regularly practice across both Australia and New Zealand. Could I have my profile appear in both directories?

    We’ve had feedback from people using the search directory to find help that it is frustrating to do a search and come up with lots of dispute resolvers from another country, which they then need to sort through.

    Having a combined directory has also meant that region searches are unduly complicated for searcher – for example New Zealanders having to scroll through all the Australian regions to find the New Zealand regions to search for a dispute resolver by location, and vice versa.

    We’ve separated the two directories to improve these things. If you actively work across both Australia and New Zealand you are very welcome to list in both directories. A fee applies. Contact us to find out more.

  • It would be really good if..... Why can’t other changes be made to the directory?

    We’ve had lots of great suggestions about the directory and are keeping records of all of these for future directory development. At the moment we are somewhat limited in our ability to make changes because our directory is built in our CRM system (called Associations Online). This system is used by a lot of other organisations and has standard search directory functionality in it that our directory is built on. We are able to customise it to our needs to some degree (for instance dispute resolver criteria for searching) but are limited in our ability to customise and make changes.