Conflict Management: A Practical Guide (5th Edition)

Book | January 2016 | Accessible to everyone

Author: Peter Condliffe

About the book

Conflict is a necessary process that has both positive and negative aspects but is always present in our society. This 5th edition of Conflict Management A Practical Guide, continues to provide you with approaches, strategies, tactics and techniques essential to to taking a positive approach to conflict. The book assists you to view conflict as a potentially dynamic stimulus to interpersonal and group relations as well as providing a consideration of the ethical issues that can arise.

Conflict Management A Practical Guide, will provide you with an overview of the major developments and issues concerning alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Australia and equip you to better practice in key areas including negotiation (now with expanded commentary on the 'zone of possible agreement' (ZOPA) and strategies and impasse), mediation (transformative and narrative mediation as well as ethical issues), restorative justice and organisational contexts. Developed over 20 years of professional practice, this book is a careful blend of the practical and the theoretical.

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Tags: Adjudication, Arbitration, Conciliation, Conflict management coaching, Expert determination, Family dispute resolution, Restorative practice, Mediation, Legal practice