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This application form has been designed to step you through the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Act 2002 (VIC)  referred to as "the Act" in the rest of the form, to determine whether your application is valid.

No legal advice: The references provided in this form to the Act, are merely descriptive and not intended as legal advice. For further clarification, each section links directly to corresponding legislation.

Document checklist:  Before you begin filling out the form, please make sure that you have all relevant documentation. The online form needs to be completed in one go. You cannot save it and come back to complete it later. A printable version can be found here

Documentation (if relevant) includes:

  • Building contract;
  • Project details;
  • Payment claim; 
  • Payment schedule; 
  • Section 18(2) notice of intention to apply for adjudication; 
  • Submissions; 
  • Any other relevant attachments and evidence.

Document upload guidelines: Uploading a file greater than 10 MB on this form may slow down the submission and may cause loss of information filled into the form. The claimant can submit the documents to Resolution Institute through Dropbox, facsimile or physical service to either our Melbourne or our Sydney office, the details of which are available below. 

Service on the respondent: To comply with the Act, the claimant must serve a copy of this application form and all the supporting documentation on the respondent as soon as possible, by delivering it personally to the person, lodging it during normal office hours at the person's ordinary place of business, sending it by post or facsimile addressed to the person's ordinary place of business; or in any other manner specified in the relevant construction contract (s50 (1) of the Act).

Completing this form: Take care to complete all compulsory fields, marked with an asterisk. If any of the asterisked fields are not completed, the system will not permit you to submit the form. Fields not marked with an asterisk are not compulsory. Please complete these fields when they are applicable to your matter.



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