Resolving disputes

Domain name disputes

Domain name disputes in New Zealand

The Domain Name Commission (DNC) manages a Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) for disputes about .nz domain name registrations.

The Dispute Resolution Service includes mediation provided by a panel of mediators. If the dispute is not resolved at mediation, then the complainant can choose to pay a fee for referral to an Expert for a decision.

For more information on the service and how to make a complaint see

Domain name disputes in Australia

auDA is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for .au domain names. auDA has established a dispute resolution policy to provide a less expensive and faster alternative to litigation for disputes about domain names. (The auDRP is an adaptation of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) administered by ICANN with respect to the global Top Level Domains (gTLDs).)

Resolution Institute​ is an approved independent provider of dispute resolution services in accordance with the auDRP.

The Process

Once an Application has been completed and lodged with Resolution Institute​, Resolution Institute​ will assess the application's administrative compliance with the auDRP and the Resolution Institute​ Supplemental Rules and will notify the Respondent of the complaint within 3 calendar days (please see Schedule B, 4 (a) auDRP).

If the Application is found to not be compliant with the auDRP and/or the Supplemental Rules, Resolution Institute​ will notify the Complainant. The Complainant will have 5 calendar days to amend the application (please see Schedule B, 4(b) auDRP).

Resolution Institute​ will notify the Respondent of the Complaint. This will be the commencement of administrative proceedings. Resolution Institute​ will notify both parties, the concerned registrar(s) and auDA of the date of commencement.

The Respondent has 20 calendar days from the date of commencement of administrative proceedings to lodge a response to the Complaint.

When a single member panel is required, Resolution Institute​ will appoint a panellist. To arrange a 3 member panel, please contact Resolution Institute​.

14 calendar days after receiving the matter, the panelist(s) will forward a decision to Resolution Institute​

Resolution Institute​ will release the decision to both parties, the concerned registrar(s) and auDA within 3 calendar days of receiving the panellist’s decision.

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