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Legal update

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Costs implications of ultimately agreed stays: Joban Kosan Co Ltd v Flame SA [2018] NSWSC 1754 (15 November 2018)
Joban Kosan Co Ltd v Flame SA [2018] NSWSC 1754 (15 November 2018) >>

Thanks to Karen Ingram (Partner) and Simon McNamara from Clayton Utz Litigation and Dispute Resolution team, for preparation of the Legal Update.

Member's voice

Trevor Slater, New Zealand
Trevor discusses telephone conciliation: what, why, how - challenges and answers>>

Tom Stodulka, Australia
Tom reviews Mieke Brandon's and Linda Fisher's 4th edition of Mediating With Families, ""to all new and experienced mediators...this edition is an essential read">>

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If you would like to share views, reflections or ideas with fellow members, we welcome article submissions for consideration at >>

DR articles & info 

NMAS logo licensed for use by NMAS accredited mediators The Mediator Standards Board NMAS logo is now a certified Trademark and is available for use, in conjunction with guidelines. All financial RMABs and NMAS accredited mediators are licensed to use the mark. RI will email NMAS accredited mediators with details soon.

WA Government releases Fiocco report on SOP Reform The WA Government released John Fiocco's final report on Security of Payment Reform in the WA Building and Construction Industry on 11 Dec..The report includes 44 recommendations, which identify reforms to better protect security of payments for WA subcontractors in the building and construction industry.>>

WA Government to expand use of Project Bank Accounts in 2019 Subcontractors in the WA building and construction industry will have increased payment protections for WA Government works projects when the use of Project Bank Accounts (PBAs) significantly expand from 1st July 2019.>>

Queensland Building and Construction Commission CPD Policy QBCC has released Continuing Professional Development for Adjudicators Policy, version 1.0 >>

Dr Khylee Quince discusses Māori world view and disputes Interview with Khylee Quince as part of Victoria University of Wellington's EdEx course Restorative Justice and Practice: Emergence of a Social Movement.>>

Silence, tears and talking - restorative justice not a soft option The restorative justice team in Whanganui talk about the work they do with victims and offenders>>

ASIC consulting on review of internal dispute resolution From February 2019, ASIC will be consulting publicly on a review of existing IDR guidance set out in Regulatory Guide 165, Licensing: Internal and external dispute resolution.  This review will include the definition of 'complaint', requirements for immediate resolution or within 5 business days, maximum IDR timeframes and written reasons for decisions made by superannuation trustees about complaints.>>

NZ ACC puts reviewer and dispute resolution services out to tender ACC RFP seeks to establish a panel of providers 'to provide a diverse supply base' >>

ACT’s restorative justice scheme shows less re-offending The use of a restorative justice scheme in the nation’s capital is delivering positive outcomes for crime victims and reducing recividism in the territory, according to a recent evaluation.>>

NZ Ministry of Justice December Newsletter In Justice Matters - an expert on the forgotten victims of prisons; MOU with the Judiciary; Courts and Tribunals legislation passed; first phase of family violence legislation changes.>>

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Planning for the 2019 webinar programme is underway!
Look out for:
Feb 20 - Tania Sourdin on the future of dispute resolution
Feb 26 - Anet Kate on refugee and new migrant communities and conflict resolution
March 5 - Janine Carroll on restorative practice
March 6 - Shelby Timmins on collaborative practice
March 20 - Judy Dell on damaging behaviours in the workplace and when to mediate


Mediation NMAS training >>
Mediation 'Refresher' training >>
Mediator assessments >>
CINERGY™ 4-day conflict coaching >>
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Other providers

How to run a workplace mediation>> with Elizabeth Rosa
Sydney 11-12 Mar 2019
Melbourne 28-29 Mar 2019
RI member discount code RESOLVE5

Conciliation in the shadow of the law>> with David Bryson & Michael Mitchell
Melbourne 13-14 May 2019
RI member discount 10%

Transforming conflict into cooperation through group conferencing>> with Dr David Moore and Dr Alikki Vernon
Melbourne 15-17 May 2019

Tuscany mediation retreat >>
with Margaret Ross, Greg Rooney and Barbara Wilson
Tuscany, Italy 15-22 Jun 2019

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