30 November 2020

NZ update | November 2020

Kia ora

The inspirational month of November

A week or so ago I wrote a social post on how blessed I feel living in a country that is not only naturally beautiful but is populated by diverse and talented people.

This was very much reflected in many of the events and happenings of November.

We started the month with our five-day mediation course in Wellington. The course was full and run as a face-to-face event. The feedback from attendees was outstanding and we have already had a number apply to go through the Resolution Institute mediation accreditation process.

This event would not be the success it was without our brilliant trainers, Anna Quinn, Moira Ransom, Jon Everest, all our coaches and Laura for the tireless work in organising the event.  A big thank you to all.

Later that month, Laura and I attended the Australasian Society of Associations Executives’ (AuSAE) annual conference in Wellington. Resolution Institute was a sponsor, and we had a display stand promoting the services we provide. 

During the conference I had the pleasure of seeing a presentation by Peter Loft. Peter is the co-founder of Achilles International New Zealand, and for 25 years, has been helping athletes with disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics. One of the things Peter mentioned was that ‘discipline is less painful than regret’. He is truly an inspirational Kiwi and if you have the chance to see Peter present, I highly recommend that you do not miss it.

Towards the end of the month we held our annual Restorative Justice (RJ) assessor day.  As was the case with Peter Loft our RJ assessors are also inspirational folk. They are all dedicated to providing high quality restorative justice processes to those in need of help. The work undertaken in this area really does change people’s lives. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to spend the day with them.

The final event for the month of November was our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This was the first time it was held completely online. The Board remains as it was for the last 12 months with our New Zealand representatives being Julia Hennessey, Leslie Ashworth and Wi Per Mita.

The new Privacy Act provisions

On 25 June, Parliament passed the Privacy Act 2020. The new Act comes into effect on 1 December 2020.

The updated Act will allow the Human Rights Review Tribunal to award up to $350,000 to each member of a class action, and privacy principle 4 has been clarified, requiring agencies to ensure the way they collect information from children and young people is fair.

Under principle 4 the new Act specifically requires businesses and organisations that are collecting personal information from children or young people to consider whether the way they collect the information is fair in the circumstances. It may not be fair to collect information from children in the same manner as you would from an adult.

There are excellent resources available at

In my humble view I do not see any issues arising for our members from the Privacy Act changes as long as you have been complying with the previous provisions and are acting in a compliant manner.

All the best,

Trevor Slater