26 August 2016

GPC conferences launched

The Global Pound Conferences (GPC)  to be held in Sydney and Auckland in May and June (respectively) in 2017 are contributing to an international project of DR professionals, advisers and parties to drive the increased usage of alternative dispute resolution processes.

Resolution Institute has established Australian and New Zealand Local Organising Committees (LOCs) that, using the global conference template, will draw on local expertise to develop programs that are stimulating as well as jurisdictionally and culturally relevant.  Data collected through voting by conference participants at the Sydney and Auckland GPCs will contribute to the data collected at each of the GPCs to provide directions for future promotional efforts.

The title, Global Pound Conference, originates from the Pound Conference held in the US in 1976. It was named in honour of Roscoe Pound who had been a Dean of Harvard Law School in the 1920’s and 30’s.  A key speaker at the event was Prof Frank Sander, who as you know was one of the early advocates for alternative forms of dispute resolution and who conceptualized the ‘multi door courthouse’.

The current Global Pound Conference series invokes the leadership exhibited and explored at that first Pound Conference.  The prospectus >> says that the aim of the current GPC series is:

to create a modern conversation about what can be done to improve access to justice and the quality and range of dispute resolution services that are available to disputants around the world in civil and commercial conflicts”.

The conversation is deliberately different to those most commonly conducted in ADR settings: GPC conversations aim to include the voices of five different stakeholder groups: parties, advisors, adjudicative providers (litigation or arbitration), non-adjudicative providers (conciliation or mediation) and significant influencers such as academics, membership and advocacy organisations.

The series has been conceptualized and championed by leaders within the International Mediator Institute (IMI), of which Resolution Institute is the only Australasian member. The Institute continues to have a major role, through the Central Organising Committee (COG) in orchestrating the various conferences. The initial goal had been to have 15 such events globally; now 38 cities have confirmed their interest in hosting a GPC conference, in 29 countries.  The GPC series has clearly captured the imaginations of many who work in the field of ADR and exceeded expectations.

Want more information?

Read the presentation about the series prepared by the CEO below.

Dive into the GPC website for detail which will deepen your understanding  >>

Resolution Institute Chief Executive Officer, Fiona Hollier addressing the first meeting of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) in Sydney.