29 March 2019

CEO Update | March 2019 | Member survey

Fiona Hollier, CEO Resolution InstituteHello members,

Let me add to the words of thanks expressed by the Chair, Gary Ulman, to all of you who filled out the Member Satisfaction Survey. Thank you so much.  We really appreciate your time and energy. I hope that you saw the Member Alert from the Chair, sent on 28 March, which gave you a summary of the key results as well as a link to the complete Report of the Survey Results >>

We conducted the survey late last year, because we wanted to hear from you, our members, what is working for you and what you would like to be different.  About 18% of you responded (close to the benchmarked average). More than 75% of those of you who answered the survey, rated member engagement as good or excellent. Sadly, 16% of you rated member engagement as poor or very poor. Another significant result was that respondents indicated that 80% intend to renew their membership, while rating the value you receive as 6.5 out of 10.  This tells us that we have work to do.

We have already started introducing initiatives that we think will help promote engagement and deliver stronger member value.  

First, at the end of 2018, we shifted away from the old model of Chapters.  We are so excited by the Professional Development Groups that have started. We are impressed that these groups have a mix of experienced members and newbies who have put their hands up to help develop this new model.  Already the energy level is high with a number of successful events held and more in the pipeline.

Second, as well as the Professional Development Groups the Professional Development Networks are up and running.  Members from state committees had often told us that they would like the opportunity to connect with groups in other states, to share ideas and work together on initiatives. The Professional Development Networks provide this opportunity and members are starting to have conversations about sharing resources, learning from others’ successes and developing a shared plan for professional development.

Third, we have introduced a professional development subscription package: AU$175/ NZ$195 for unlimited bite-size CPD sessions, both webinars and face-to-face CPD events. The feedback about this package being great value is what we had hoped for.  Members who have signed up say that it makes it easy for them to choose to attend webinars and local events knowing that they do not have to open their wallets on each occasion.  Instead, they have commented that they can choose the sessions most relevant to their professional work for CPD and that as a bonus they can attend other events mainly for the chance to network and catch up with colleagues.

Fourth, we are lining up webinar sessions with the 2019-20 Ambassador, the Honourable Wayne Martin AC.  Many of you know that in addition to his role as the former Chief Justice of West Australia, Wayne has extensive experience as an arbitrator and mediator.  Members from Perth to Tauranga will be able to get the benefit of Wayne’s experience and expertise, by tuning into his webinars at no cost from wherever, whenever.

Fifth, planning for the conference being held in New Zealand in October 2019 is progressing well.  To add to this, we are looking at options for holding a conference in Australia. If the stars align this could go ahead in early 2020 covering determinative and facilitative types of dispute resolution.

Finally, we are on the edge of our seats about our new website.  The whole staff team has been working on this. We will announce its launch very soon. Expect to see a clean, crisp and contemporary look.  Expect to be able to find what you are looking for more easily. Expect things to be explained more simply. When we launch, we hope that you will come back to us with positive things to say.  We also hope you will tell us about any glitches, which seem inevitable whenever a new website goes live, and which, of course, we will fix as quickly as possible.

We look forward to you being on the upcoming journey with us.

Best wishes,

Fiona Hollier

29 March 2019