22 March 2018

CEO update | March 2018 | Board face-to-face

Fiona Hollier, CEO Resolution InstituteDear all,

A Board planning conference on 19-20 March gave members of the Board the opportunity to meet for the first time face-to-face since their election in late November 2017.

As the Board takes seriously careful stewardship of Resolution Institute funds, the usual practice is to hold on-line meetings. On-line meetings facilitate regular and accessible participation of Board members from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Wellington. By not adding in travel time, online meetings are a way of demonstrating respect for Board members who already contribute considerable volunteer time and effort. And despite these advantages, the Board also considers it essential that between two and three occasions during each Board’s term that it meets together to springboard discussion about important strategic issues.

Face-to face meetings boost the energy, creative thinking and collegiality of Board members. The agenda for the March 2018 meeting ranged across issues of looking over the horizon, clarifying focus, measuring success, engaging members, increasing influence and enabling through appropriate structure and resourcing.

‘Looking over the horizon’, Board members began a conversation about what the future of dispute resolution might look like and what we need to be doing now to help prepare Resolution Institute members for that future. This initial conversation began to map the terrain:

  • What will be the impact of demographic changes in the Australian landscape?
  • In what ways will technology evolve?
  • To what extent will ODR platforms become a feature of the way that dispute resolvers work?
  • What effect will developments in artificial intelligence have on the way that disputes are resolved?
  • How will the administration of justice change in our communities?
  • What will be the impacts of climate change on the types and range of issues in dispute?
  • How might our members benefit from an increasingly global marketplace?

The Board plans to revisit this topic and to consider ways of engaging with members in this important conversation.

As well as a focus on the future, the Board particularly emphasised increasing Resolution Institute’s profile for the purposes of increasing our influence and growing work opportunities for members. From feedback to Board members and that the office receives, we know that these are issues of central concern for a large number of our members. While there are ideas a-plenty for how Resolution institute might do this, there are also the imperatives of continuing to run our core activities related to promoting excellence in DR service delivery through grading and accreditation, through providing quality CPD and training and through supporting members connecting with colleagues. There is a constancy in the juggling act of resourcing a vast range of competing priorities. The Board and management team continues to dedicate itself to this challenging and rewarding juggling act for the benefit of our members.

Fiona Hollier
Chief Executive Officer

22 March 2018