31 July 2019

CEO update | July 2019 | Updating profiles

Fiona Hollier, CEO Resolution InstituteDear colleagues,

Recently a member rang me to thank me for prompting her to create her Dispute Resolver Directory entry on the Resolution Institute website.  As a matter of course, when the member receives an inquiry from a new client, she asks how the client came to call her.  The client said she had found the dispute resolver through the Resolution Institute Directory. This was less than a month after the member had set it up.

So, here is a call to action: please set up (or refresh!) your profile in the Resolution Institute dispute resolver directory!

Here are 10 reasons why:

Low-cost marketing

You get an entry in the Resolution Institute Directory as a benefit of your membership at no extra cost.

Easily multiplied

When you prepare your profile for including in the Resolution Institute Directory, you can easily re-purpose it for posting on your own website, on Linkedin, on other panels and on print collateral.


Resolution Institute has a reputation for high quality in the standards it sets for dispute resolver accreditation and grading. Only members who hold an accreditation or grading can set up a profile in the Directory. By closely and publicly associating with Resolution Institute, a body known for excellence in dispute resolution, its lustre reflects on you and supports your broader suite of marketing efforts.

Personally branded

Part of your brand is that you are trained and accredited/graded. What else distinguishes you? Is it your independence? Your third-party neutrality? Your expertise? Your empathy? Your reliability? Make your key messages the core in all your marketing initiatives.

Anchors you in clients’ minds

Include a photo of yourself. It turns you from an almost anonymous entry on a webpage to a real person. People remember faces.

Benefits rather than features

Frame your profile in terms of the benefits that clients will get from contracting you, rather than listing all the features of the services you offer. Dispute resolvers understand the importance of addressing people’s interests to resolve conflicts.  Who are your target clients? Apply your understanding of the importance of interests in your marketing: show how your services address your clients’ interests.

Service offering

You can provide information about the breadth of your service offering.  Show that you are a person with wide experience and that you are likely to have the wisdom to help clients solve their dispute or conflict problems.  Breadth of offering also prompts clients to think of you on this occasion and on others when they need a different service.


Take advantage of the crisp, clean, professional template the Resolution Institute Dispute Resolver Directory offers. Make sure that the information you enter is well-crafted, typo-free and well formatted. After setting up your entry, check out how it would look when a client does a search.  Then go back and refine it.


You can bring an individual tone to your directory entry.  Add your photo (essential!), add your logo, add a picture, a testimonial, a case study. Craft your entry to speak directly to your target client group.

A rising tide …

… lifts all boats. Help make the Resolution Institute Directory the place where clients come to find a dispute resolver.  Do your bit to make our Directory the most comprehensive and reliable Directory across Australia and New Zealand.

A final few bits of info:

  • As a member, you decide whether you have a Directory entry. Check whether you already have an entry or whether you need to sign up for one
  • Make sure your contact details are up to date.  Make it easy for a client to contact you.
  • Your accreditation and grading information is drawn directly from our database to populate your profile. This adds to the credibility and reliability of the information.
  • When a search is done, the search results are randomised. The randomisation is refreshed every 24 hours, so members appear at different positions in the list of search results.

Hope your drafting of your search directory profile goes well.


Fiona Hollier

31 July 2019