31 August 2019

CEO update | August 2019 | Recap on keeping your profile up-to-date 

Hello friends, 
We continue to be thrilled that members are staying connected with Resolution Institute.  The rate of renewals is better even than it was last year.  Welcome back to all of you who have once again showed loyalty to Resolution Institute. 

As a member, you are able to take advantage of Resolution Institute offerings that are free and easy to implement in marketing your business.  How about doing each of the following? 

Get a free listing in the dispute resolver directory on the Resolution Institute website  
Last month, I gave you 10 reasons why you should put your updated profile in our dispute resolver directory: it is low-cost, easily leveraged elsewhere, credible, personally branded, anchors you in clients’ minds, sells benefits rather than features, describes the breadth of your service offering, is professional, individualised and is part of a rising tide. Help make the Resolution Institute Directory the place where clients come to find a dispute resolver.  Do your bit to make our Directory the most comprehensive and reliable Directory across Australia and New Zealand. 

Add post-nominals and logos to your advertising 
These give you credibility and are an indicator of your professionalism. Add Resolution Institute post-nominals, a Resolution Institute logo and if you are a NMAS accredited mediator, the NMAS certification trademark 

Update your profile and CV on your firm’s website
If your bio refers to IAMA or LEADR, it’s time to bring it up to date.  It is almost five years since these organisations became Resolution Institute.  Referring to past organisations (especially without explanation), sends a message that your profile is out of date.   

Modernise the bio that you use as a presenter  
Include that you have been a member of the now Resolution Institute since 19xx, and that, for example, you were a Chapter Chair from 20xx- 20yy, a member of a Committee from 19xx-19yy of the now Resolution Institute.  

Apply for Fellow membership
If you are already a professional member and have been in the field for more than five years, why not apply to become a Fellow. Being a Fellow recognises you as an expert who has made sustained and significant contributions to the field.  

Do each of the above to add ticks to the picture that clients have of you: credible, credentialled, current and contributing in the best interests of others.  

Do each of the above to add ticks to Resolution Institute: significant, substantial, well-known, professional and reputable. The more members that talk and write about Resolution Institute, the better known it becomes.  Good for Resolution Institute profile, good for members’ professional standing, good for nominations, good for increasing the number of contract clauses that refer to the Resolution Institute and good for growing the pie for dispute resolution work.