29 June 2022

Aotearoa New Zealand update | June 2022




The New World
I think everyone would agree that our world has changed greatly since the onset of COVID-19. In particular, the way we work.

The Resolution Institute team in Aotearoa New Zealand now has more choice on how and where they work. This means that, at times, the Wellington office may be unattended. However, it does not mean that there will be less of the great services provided to our members.

We have put in place a telephone process that makes it easy for members to contact us or leave a message which is responded to within 24 hours. Our email is, of course, fully operational and replied to usually the same day.

And if there is an urgent need to talk to one of the team members, you can call me on my mobile 021 232 2027.

Having the ability to work in the office or from home provides a far better work–life balance for the team and Resolution Institute is pleased to be able to offer these working conditions.

Accreditations and Role Players
Kim works extremely hard to help new members become accredited mediators. This involves arranging an assessor, a location (either face-to-face or online) and role players. It is an important part of the services Resolution Institute provides as many of you who are now accredited know.

The hard part is sourcing role players. Whilst we have a good pool of volunteers, we are also seeing an increase in accreditations. Further, often due to sickness, role players have, on occasion, pulled out at the last moment resulting in the assessment being postponed.

Taking a couple of hours out of your day and offering to be a role player not only provides you with valuable CPD, it also helps a new mediator enter our wonderful sector which in turn helps many people in need in our community. There is also a small token payment of $30.

We need more role players especially some who are happy to be called upon at short notice so we can avoid late postponement of assessment.

Please consider offering to be a role player.  You can do so by emailing Kim at

Resolution Institute Aotearoa New Zealand has a group of members who help us with suggestions of the services we can provide and in particular, training suggestions. Our group suggested that a session on emotions in mediation and how to handle the associated challenges would be appreciated by our members.

I am very pleased to say that Laura has been able to secure the services of Dr Samantha Hardy who is running two webinars on this topic. These will be excellent sessions and attending the online webinars will be well worth it.

Further information can be found here

Take care everyone as the cooler months are coming, but our days are getting longer and Spring is just around the corner.

Trevor Slater