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- Associate Fellow membership -

  • Has held Resolution Institute Fellow membership; and
  • Does not hold a current Resolution Institute accreditation or grading or other DR qualification recognised by Resolution Institute ; and
  • No longer works as a professional dispute resolver

Benefits include - member rates at training and events - stay connected with the DR community - access professional development opportunities related to DR at member rates - retain recognition of qualifications and standing in DR community through post-nominal - other benefits as added.



More information on post-nominals

Membership fee

If the fee is an obstacle, please contact us to discuss your circumstances >>

We welcome new members at any time of the year. Our pro rata membership rate means your fees are calculated according to the number of weeks remaining in the membership year.

Our membership year ends on June 30. If you join us before May 31, you pay only for weeks remaining in the membership year instead of being charged the full membership rate. After June 1, we charge you the following full year membership, plus the remaining weeks of this year.

Membership Period: 20 February 2019 to 30 June 2019

Full Cost: $179.00 (GST inclusive)

Pro Rata Rate: $65.40 (GST inclusive)