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Student Mediation Scheme

Since 2002, our organisation has administered the Student Mediation Scheme to provide educational and training institutions with an external appeals process. The Scheme allows a member educational and training institution or its student to refer to Resolution Institute (formerly LEADR) as the external review body once its internal grievance system has been exhausted. We appoint a suitably qualified mediator, liaise between the parties as necessary and manage the process.

Join the Student Mediation Scheme

Providers can join the Student Mediation Scheme for a calendar year, and renew annually. When or if required, Resolution Institute will:

  • Appoint a mediator
  • Arrange as appropriate mutually convenient dates, locations and or teleconferences for pre-mediation discussions and mediation discussions with the provider and the student
  • Provide each of the mediation participants and the mediator with the documentation necessary to conduct the mediation.

Please note, our mediation services under our Student Mediation Scheme can only be used when the provider’s internal appeals processes has been exhausted as per requirements under Standard 8 of the National Code.