Survey for public service trainig

Survey for Public Service Training

New to the area, have some basic service training
Have commenced basic mediator accreditation and other negotiation training
Experienced mediator/conciliator looking to upskill
Manage a team of mediators, conciliators and looking for advanced training in designing systems and managing dispute resolution teams
All of the above, have a diverse team and are looking for training for all levels

Face-to-face for 1 or more days
Online for 2-4 hours
Lunchbox webinars
Workplace consultation to talk to managers and team members and facilitate improvements or changes to your dispute resolution systems and processes.

Mediation accreditation
Mediation refresher
Conciliation skills
Interest based negotiation
Frontline complaints handling
Dealing with difficult conversations
Communicating in plain english
Managing power and vunerability
Ensuring procedural fairness in dispute resolution
De-escalating aggression during dispute resolution processes
Managing internal workplace conflict
Coaching team members in dispute resolution skills
Adapting to online processes
Debriefing and creating effective team culture
Uncovering underlying interest and generating options in dispute resolution
Cross cultural communication
Improving intake processes
Communicating with individuals with psychosocial disabilities
Stakeholder engagement and communication
Strategic improvement through policies
Leveraging private sessions
Dealing with trauma and victims of violence
Designing and implementing systems to evaluate your processes