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PDG event | Working together – Collaborative communication skills

with Paula Bruce

Wednesday 26 June 2019 | Sydney

The collaborative facilitator takes individual participants from what is often a weak and emotional state to positive engagement with others in a structured process of conflict resolution.

A natural protective, defensive response to challenging, sometimes contentious situations, is the urge to freeze, flee, or fight. This is wired into every human brain. A more effective alternative exists. It is possible to transform an ordinary “command and control” Defensive Operating System into a “connect and develop” Collaborative Communication Operating System (Working Together).

This workshop style event introduces collaborative communication skills for dispute resolvers. As experts, we can help parties navigate conflict, prepare for engagement and increase each party’s self and other awareness.

Paula will share two parts of the training methods outlined in Working Together - Collaborative Communication Skills, developed by Dr Sherod Miller in Colorado and will apply examples from her experience working with parties in family and workplace dispute resolution.

The materials and workshops have been translated into 12 different languages and over 1.5 million people have participated in Dr Miller’s programs worldwide.

The model is suitable for mediation sessions and one-on-one conflict coaching.

About the presenter

Paula Bruce

Paula is a lawyer, mediator, manager of mediation services, investigator, researcher, coach and trainer. She has lead extensive research relating to family violence in 2009/10 and, with a colleague, researched Challenges to Mediation in Australian Workplaces.

She is also the Australian and New Zealand Associate for Working Together – Collaborative Communication Skills developed by Dr Sherod Miller.