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On demand | Webinar | Modernisation of Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules: What you need to know

with Toby Shnookal

On demand | Online
A comprehensive overview of the updates to the rules, why there were required and points to note when using them.

The webinar was presented by Toby Shnookal QC, arbitrator and a director of Resolution Institute and a key participant in the drafting of the new Rules. Toby explains how the rules were developed, how they operate both contractually and within the domestic and international arbitration Acts. He takes you through some of the major changes and advantages of using the new rules.

The Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules are the successors to the IAMA Arbitration Rules and are the most widely used arbitration rules in Australia. For contracts entered on or after 1 January 2020 the new Rules apply where the parties agree to submit a dispute to arbitration in accordance with Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules or any of the previous IAMA Arbitration Rules.

The Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules 2020 mark a significant modernisation of the Rules they replace while still being modelled on the UNCITRAL Rules. The Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules 2020 work without amendment whether the arbitrator has been agreed or is appointed by a nominating body, and they work in both domestic and international arbitrations. They provide new streamline processes for agreeing the arbitrator, his or her fees and all aspects of arbitration procedure including commencement, consolidation or expansion of the arbitration, recoverable legal fees and so on.

This webinar will be beneficial for solicitors drafting clauses, litigating barristers, and parties especially in construction.

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About the speaker

Anna Quinn

Toby Shnookal
One of very few Senior Counsel in Australia with an engineering qualification (civil) and professional experience. After first switching to the law and then joining the Victorian bar, he commenced his own practice as arbitrator twenty-five years ago. Since 2016 he has practiced exclusively as a privately engaged Neutral - that is arbitrator, expert determiner, adjudicator, mediator and facilitator but he still holds six briefs as Counsel Assisting in Building Practitioner Disciplinary matters. He has published over 170 awards and determinations in his various roles, including a 12 year stint as a VCAT/DBT sessional member.

Together with Dr Richard Manly he co-ordinated the drafting of the Resolution Institute 2020 Arbitration Rules.

Toby joined the Institute of Arbitrators Australia, the first name of IAMA, in 1989. He has served on the Victorian chapter committee including as Chair, was on the National Board of IAMA at the time of the integration of IAMA and LEADR and is a current Board Member of Resolution Institute. He is a Grade 1 arbitrator, FCIArb and an advanced mediator (Vicbar).

More details are on the website https://www.vicbar.com.au/profile/6604