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On demand | Webinar | Positive Supervision – for supervisors, facilitators and peer groups

with Dr Fredrike Bannink

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Positive Supervision – for supervisors, facilitators and peer groups

Positive supervision is an innovative and successful approach to individual, group and peer supervision that is suitable for use in any environment (clinical, corporate, educational, health, governmental, community).

It focuses on what actually works instead of on problems and on supervisees’ strengths rather than on their deficits.

The task of supervisors using this approach is – unlike the more traditional problem-solving – to create solutions with their supervisees and to teach them to apply the same approach when working with their own clients.

This webinar explores an approach, developed by Dr Fredrike Bannink, for all supervisors working in the fields of mediation and arbitration that is shorter, more positive and hopeful, and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

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About the speaker

Dr Fredrike Bannink MDR (Clinical psychologist and Master of Dispute Resolution, University of Amsterdam)
Clinical Psychologist, Mediator, Trainer, Coach and Author
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Dr Fredrike Bannink runs her own training, coaching and mediation practice in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is a Master of Dispute Resolution (Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam, 2006, cum laude). She is an International Full Certified ADR Mediator and Full Certified Conflict Coach.
Until 2014 she worked as a mediator for the Court of Amsterdam.

Fredrike Bannink is also an international trainer in the field of psychotherapy, health care, education, coaching, leadership, mediation/conflict management and supervision. She applies the concepts of cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focus and positive psychology.

Dr Bannink has over 40 books published, this webinar relates most to her 2014 book ‘Handbook of Positive Supervision for supervisors’, you can read about her full range of published books here.