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On demand | Webinar | Assumptions are OK – powerful questioning in mediation

with Bruce Cottrill

On demand | Online

Bruce offers great practical tools and frameworks, unpacking them through excellent use of examples and metaphor.

"Absolutely practical which is invaluable."

We are taught early in our mediation pathways that good mediators are “neutral” and “don’t make assumptions”. Many successful mediators defy both of these rules, and through their defiance become more effective mediators. Thinking subjectively and making assumptions can help create powerful questions.

This webinar explores the formation of questions through using an assumption based questioning approach, as well as looking at some more traditional approaches.

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About the presenter

Bruce Cottrill

Experienced mediator and trainer

Bruce Cottrill has 30 years’ experience as a professional working in the field of conflict management & dispute resolution practice, associated system design, training & development. Bruce has completed many hundreds of mediations & facilitations covering most areas of enterprise & trade in NZ and has conducted numerous rural mediations, conciliations & arbitrations.

Bruce is a highly experienced trainer, delivering training, coaching & personal development design & delivery for numerous individuals, organisations & sectors across NZ. Bruce was an Adjunct Lecturer in dispute resolution at Massey University from 1998 to 2015 and was the General Manager, Consulting for FairWay Resolution Ltd from 2013-2015. He continues in private practice mainly consulting to organisations in the areas of system design and conflict management.