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Webinar recording | Mediation and mental health

with Michael McGregor

Pre-recorded | Online

This webinar will seek to offer strategies to ensure that mental health issues are not a barrier to effective mediation outcomes.

"Michael speaks from being both a mediator and a psychologist and provides a really helpful framework, examples from his experience and useful strategies from his practice."

Mental health issues are common across society with 1 in 7 people experiencing depression and 1 in 4 experiencing anxiety in their lifetime. Mediators need therefore to be aware of and understand the implications of mental health issues for participants and be prepared to make some accommodation.

The nature of some mental health disorders means that frequently there will be behavioural and relationship issues which will create a need for mediation and mediation may help in removing some stressors. The challenge for a mediator is to consider to what extent accommodation may be necessary to create a fair and helpful process. How does a mediator who is not a clinician establish the extent of the need to do this? Is a participant with mental illness able to participate fully? Undiagnosed and untreated conditions may create unhelpful behaviours. How does a mediator manage these when they emerge in the course of the mediation process?

This webinar will seek to offer answers to these questions and strategies to ensure that mental health issues are not a barrier to effective mediation outcomes.

This webinar is relevant to mediators and all those involved in conflict or dispute resolution.

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About the presenter

Michael McGregor

Michael McGregor is a qualified mediator and is also a registered psychologist with over 30 years’ experience. In his work as a psychologist he has worked primarily in areas of wellbeing and workplace mental health. He has conducted his own practice for several years and for 11 years was State Manager of a leading provider of both EAP and mediation services. Michael presents the ‘beyondblue’ National Workplace Program. He is an experienced learning designer and facilitator. He has written and presented in areas such as stress management, resilience, mental fitness and conflict resolution.