Webinar recording | (Re)solving the world's big problems

with Resolution Institute Ambassador Annabel Shaw

Pre-recorded | Online

This webinar will be an opportunity to hear Annabel's thoughts on complex challenges that the justice system and ADR need to deal with.

"In a half hour presentation Annabel encourages us to think broadly about the justice system and focuses on climate change as an example of a complex change that the justice system and ADR need to deal with. The topic is further explored through questions from the live audience."

Our modern society is facing some massively complex challenges: climate change; post-vote clashes (e.g. Trump and Brexit); refugee crises; religious conflicts; the rise of AI. To name a few.

As Annabel has been thinking and writing about the dispute resolution systems over the last few years, she has been pondering the role of that system in addressing complex social issues.

This webinar will be an opportunity to hear her thoughts on this topic and share some of your own.

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About the presenter

Annabel Shaw

Annabel is a mediator, law lecturer, and coach. She has over a decade's experience in both the practice and theory of dispute resolution. She has practised across a wide range of processes including mediation, facilitation, restorative justice, conciliation and litigation. She has held roles in dispute resolution policy and system design, management, governance, research, and academia. Annabel is a co-author of the first definitive text on 'Mediation in New Zealand'. Annabel is accredited as an advanced mediator in New Zealand and Australia (FRIAdvMed, NMAS). She has a Master of Laws (Distinction) from Victoria University of Wellington and a Diploma in Dispute Resolution from Massey University.