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On demand | Webinar | Reflective practice and self-care for mediators

with Mieke Brandon and Linda Kochanski

On demand | Online
“Very informative, encouraging to know difficulties we all face"

Reflective practice and self-care for mediators

In mediation, mediators must ‘think about their thinking’, as participants in mediation must have trust in the process, and trust in mediators as the facilitators of the process.

Mediators must ‘do no harm’ for participants to achieve a ‘better’, ‘good enough’ or a ‘best outcome’ to satisfy their substantive, psychological/relational and procedural outcomes.

With practice experience and reflection, mediators become more flexible, using what works best with what they perceive the participants need rather than being stuck in one approach for all disputes or disputants.

During this webinar Mieke and Linda assist participants to:

  • Understand the importance of reflective practice to learn the science and art of mediating
    Develop reflective practice to ‘celebrate’, ’mourn’ and ‘learn’ from each mediation.
  • Discover the benefits for your practice
    Learn from your reflections to remain curious, open, objective and mindful.
  • Learn how it works
    Maintain standards, to minimise the risks of complaints and to maximise learning from our practice with supervisors and mentors for a live- long learning approach.
  • Balance mediation work with self-care
    It is an ethical obligation to attend to self-care so that mediators look after their physical, psychological and emotional, social, spiritual, and leisure well-being to meet the demands of the job.
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About the speakers

Mieke Brandon
Experienced mediator, trainer, coach, assessor,
supervisor and author

Mieke BA, MSc(App) is NMAS accredited and a registered FDRP with more than 25 years’ experience in family and workplace mediation as a mediator, trainer, and supervisor.

She has taught and coached regularly at a range of organisations and universities. Mieke is a Senior Teaching and Research Member of the DRC at Bond University and member of the AMA Mediator Training Academy, Editorial Consultant ADRJ and a Director on the Resolution Institute Board 2020 - 2021.

Mieke has published extensively, has presented papers and workshops at conferences in Australia and overseas and is the co-author of Mediating with Families (4th ed. Thomson Reuters, 2018), the text for FDR and all other types of family mediation.

Linda Kochanski
Practice Leader: Dispute Resolution Programs
College of Law, Australia

Linda started her professional life as a lawyer specialising in Family and Criminal law. This is where she ‘tripped over’ mediation in the early 1990s. She was then trained at Relationships Australia Queensland as a mediator and has worked for Relationships Australia in a number of positions.

Linda moved to academia in 2000 and has worked for Griffith University, QUT and Bond as a lecturer and co-ordinator of courses. She then began to specialise in mediation training and private practice. At Bond University she held the position of Co-Director of the Bond Dispute Resolution Centre from 2012 – 2015. She is presently Practice Leader: Dispute Resolution Programs, College of Law (Australia).

Linda has a number of published articles and presents regularly nationally and internationally on dispute resolution and, in particular, family mediation. Most recently she was Chair of the National Mediation Conference 2016 and was elected to the National Mediation Standards Board.