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PDG event | The making of Resolution Institute - from LEADR and IAMA to the present

with Fiona Hollier and Andrew Cannon

Monday 23 September 2019 | Adelaide

Chief Executive Officer, Fiona Hollier, in conversation with Board member, Dr Andrew Cannon, will share her perspectives on the exciting developments of the past 15 years both within the dispute resolution profession and most particularly within what is now Resolution Institute. Fiona will reflect on the way that serving members and promoting the use of dispute resolution form the core of Resolution Institute purposes. She will also explore the role that the cross-Tasman and Australian organisational mergers, our robust governance, our operational effectiveness and our willingness to innovate have helped Resolution Institute to grow in stature and its members to be held in high regard.

We warmly encourage you to join us for this conversation and to farewell Fiona who will step down from her current role as CEO when her successor commences in the role.

About the presenters

Fiona Hollier has been the Chief Executive of Resolution Institute for 13 years. In that time, she has developed and overseen a wide range of Resolution Institute services to provide members with professional learning, accreditation and business support. Fiona has updated operations of Resolution Institute through developing online capability, expanded communication services, built relationships with government, business and DR industry organisations, represented the interests of members and supported the Board in responding to the needs of members and the community. Fiona’s 25 years’ experience as a dispute resolver gives her very helpful insights about the contribution that dispute resolvers make to individual and community well-being and also about how satisfying and how challenging it is to be a dispute resolution professional.

Dr Andrew Cannon is an educator, advisor and practitioner in dispute resolution. He is an adjunct Professor at the law schools at Flinders and Adelaide University and Münster University in Germany. His teaching experience is backed by forty years practical experience as a magistrate, mining warden and tribunal member. He has had a leadership role in managing therapeutic and restorative justice court program including mental health, drug, family violence courts and Aboriginal Sentencing Conferences. He established the civil procedure for the South Australian in the Magistrates Court (Civil) Rules 1992 and 2013 including a focus on an affordable approach to litigation, mediation and court experts. He helped to draft the Sustainable Justice Charter and the International Framework for Court Excellence. He is widely published on mediation and court processes. He has a long experience in resolving complex disputes between landowners and miners and in the opal mining fields and has been consulted in the processes of updating of Mining Legislation in SA, most recently in 2017. He is accredited as an experienced qualified mediator under the National Standard.

Thanks to Belperio Clark Lawyers for generously supporting this event.