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PDG event | Forensic animation and dispute resolution

with Karen Sanders

Thursday 11 April 2019 | Sydney

Thursday 11 April

5.30 - 6pm: Networking and registration
6-7pm: Presentation

Spatial solutions, like BIM, are slowly being implemented globally, by early adopters in the construction sector, with an aim to make sector-wide improvements on time and cost management on major Engineering and Construction (E&C) projects. This presentation relates to spatial technologies, as an enabler, for knowledge management and communication, specifically pertaining to the other industry actors who work alongside major contracting firms, like facilitators, mediators, arbitrators, legal firms and professional associations. The importance of streamlined, symbiotic, multi-stakeholder approaches to monitoring major projects is one of the keys to managing time and cost.

When specifically considering 3D-BIM, 4D-BIM and computer gaming, these technologies provide a significant increase in precision, where reason and rationale hold sway over assumption and opinion, providing the mechanism for the demonstration of truth.

This makes this suite of technologies extremely valuable to the legal professional. As the complexity of projects has increased, a divide has been established between the designer/engineer who is a technical specialist and the supporting professions, making real understanding of a problem increasingly more difficult.

About the presenter

Karen Sanders

Forging her vision for emerging technology and extensive experience in civil engineering and construction, Karen Co-founded Real Serious Games in 2009 with a small team and shoestring budget. Today, her company is present in 4 countries, delivered over 400 projects, and is on track to become a global leader. Real Serious Games office in Abu Dhabi is Karsta Middle East, a partnership with the local Al Nowais Group and Australian engineering & education company Exner Group. Real Serious Games (RSG) create accurate virtual worlds where users interact, investigate and learn smarter. RSG’s industry leading solutions allow governments and organisations to plan, communicate and understand complex processes at any stage of their projects. A games developer for the construction sector on its inception, the company is now involved in the provision and development of some of the most innovative solutions for multiple industries. The company aims to influence change through its core offerings in Digital Education and Digital Engineering using cutting edge technologies like Virtual Reality, 4D planning, 3D Visualisations and Forensic Animation. Karen is recognised as an industry leader in spatial gamification and was published as part of the G20 Global Café.”