Learning & events

PDG event | Arbitration and the use of alternative dispute resolution

with Judge Joe Harman

Wednesday 20 November 2019 | Canberra

Please join us for this interactive session where Judge Harman will provide a brief outline of the history and role of arbitration. In this presentation he will discuss the following:

  • The relevant legislative provisions providing for and facilitating arbitration
  • The emerging case law in relation to arbitration
  • Court statistics (and those of AIFLAM) relating to present use of arbitration
  • The benefits to litigants, legal practitioners, the Court and the community of arbitration
  • The Court's powers with respect to ADRe and community based counselling
  • The benefits of confidentiality and legal privilege that apply to ADR
  • The ALRC report 'Family law in the future' and its recommendations regarding arbitration and ADR generally

About the presenter

Judge Joe Harman

Judge Harman is a Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia having been appointed in June 2010. Prior to joining the Court, Judge Harman worked in private practice as a lawyer as well as working extensively as a mediator/FDRP in both private and community practice including at Blacktown and Bathurst FRCs and with Unifam (now Uniting) Penrith. He has also lectured at Western Sydney University in family law and has written and presented extensively on family law and mediation topics both in Australia and internationally.

In 2005, Judge Harman received a Stop Domestic Violence award and in 2013 was a finalist for the Australian Human Rights Commission Law Award. In 2015, Joe was a finalist for the Law & Justice Foundation’s Justice Medal and the recipient of a Resolution Institute Practitioner Award for commitment to excellence in dispute resolution.