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Online Workshop series : Revisiting the stages of the mediation model

with Catherine Davidson

19, 26 August and 2 September 2021 | 9-11.30am AEST | ZOOM

Revisiting the stages of the mediation modelA series of online workshops revisiting the Diamond Model from Resolution Institute’s five day Mediation Training with Catherine Davidson. This session is designed for those who are keen to hone their skills in focussed areas having recently completed their training or for those seeking an opportunity to refresh.

Mediation Stages

Mediator's opening:
Make the mediator’s opening ‘yours’ with a checklist of essential ingredients.

Summarising parties opening:
Revisit the purpose of summarising parties opening and learn methods that help capture headline points.

Setting the agenda:
Learn how to better manage the process of agenda setting and frame the agenda terms constructively. Know how to stay flexible with the agenda throughout and keeping it ‘live.’

Exploration stage:
Occupying a significant slice of the mediation diamond, effective exploration is essential to discussing the needs and interests of the parties. Revisit the purpose and core elements of the exploration stage and effective transition. Facilitate direct communication between the parties through communication skills including active listening, silence, summary, questions, reframes, emotions and mapping.

Private Sessions:
An integral stage in the mediation process, a well-structured private session helps the parties better understand and assess their options and alternatives so they can prepare to negotiate more effectively. Understand the benefits and risks for the parties and the mediator, and the four phases of framework: anything else, alternatives, options and preparing to negotiate. Reality test using a range of tools, develop a strategy for return to joint session and ensure a smooth mediator’s transition.

Option Generation and Negotiation:
In this stage, the mediator facilitates sharing and development of options, followed by evaluation of those options, as a basis for developing an agreement. Learn how to use constructive and purposeful questions to help reality test options and alternatives, supporting the parties to develop a workable and durable agreement.

There will be a number of interactive activities and a Q&A Session during each of these workshops.

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About the presenter

Catherine Davidson

Catherine Davidson is a nationally accredited mediator (NMAS) and is certified by the International Mediation Institute (IMI). Catherine practised commercial litigation in London and Sydney. A mediator for 16 years, Catherine has mediated over 700 commercial and workplace disputes.

Catherine mediates under several industry schemes including the NSW Small Business Commission, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (National Franchising Panel), and The NSW Farm Debt Mediation Act. She is also a panel mediator for the Australian Disputes Centre.

Catherine has mediated a broad range of workplace disputes in both the public and private sectors, including tertiary institutions, professional services firms and hospitals.

Catherine is a trainer for the Australian Disputes Centre Mediation Training Workshops in Australia and Asia, and has delivered negotiation and mediation workshops in a number of law schools in India and China.


Timing: Please note this session runs from 9–11.30pm AEST

Technology required: Zoom application, PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone, Internet connection, sound/speakers or a headset and an in-built microphone.