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On demand | Webinar | Restorative Practices Online: lessons learned and risk reduction strategies

with Haley Farrar

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Restorative Practices Online: lessons learned and risk reduction strategies

As we've all been forced online over the last couple of years, how can we continue to safely offer restorative practices to those who need it? Is it even a good idea? When our mantra is to repair harm without causing further harm, how can we be so sure we're achieving that through a screen?

So much changes when we take restorative practices online: the physical setting, the use of body language and eye contact, accessibility needs, technology challenges, casual trust-building moments, basic facilitation skills, ritual components, cultural considerations, the use of support people - all of it's different when it's mediated by the computer.

This webinar draws on experience of facilitating online cases small and large, highlighting both moments of celebration and areas of concern, and shares some creative ideas to ensure the emotional safety of all parties (including the facilitator!).

About the speaker

Haley Farrar
Restorative practices educator and facilitator

Haley Farrar is a restorative practices educator and facilitator. A former attorney, she now focuses on helping organisations to implement restorative approaches both proactively and reactively to prevent and repair harm.

Haley is the Managing Director of Aspen Restorative Consulting, and works in partnership with the Diana Unwin Chair of Restorative Justice at Victoria University of Wellington.