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On demand | Webinar | Managing or leading a dispute resolution team

with Judy Dell, Joana d’Orey Novo, Adrian Leopardi, Sarah Ramsay and Amanda Ros

On demand | Online
"The sharing of practice was very useful as I am looking at managing a well settled team with different development needs"
"Great discussion. Really generous sharing of ideas and practice."

Managing or leading a dispute resolution team

Our trans-Tasman panel who all lead and/or manage dispute resolution teams in a range of contexts share insight about looking after a team in the dispute resolution context in particular including:

  • defining ‘best practice’
  • monitoring and assessing ‘best practice’
  • developing and maintaining practice
  • how to provide peer support
  • building resilience and supporting wellbeing
  • how to build a great team
  • recruitment considerations

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About the speakers

Judy Dell
Principal Mediator,
Employment Mediation Services
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment,
Aotearoa, New Zealand

Judy Dell is Principal Mediator, Employment Mediation Services at MBIE. She has a legal background, and has been employed full time as a mediator with the Employment Mediation Service since 2005.

She has many years’ experience as a mediator not only in employment matters but also family and weathertight homes. She is an experienced coach and assessor both for Resolution Institute, and within MBIE.

Joana d’Orey Novo
Senior Investigator/Conciliator
Policy and Education Officer
Investigation and Conciliation Service
Australian Human Rights Commission

Joana is an accredited mediator and trainer. She has been conciliating complaints alleging discrimination and breaches of human rights under Australian discrimination and human rights legislation for over 17 years.

Joana is also responsible for the induction, training and professional development of conciliators at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Joana develops policies, procedures and resources for conciliators at the Commission and has developed and delivered conciliation training to statutory agencies and other organisations in Australia and internationally.

Adrian Leopardi
Mediation Manager
Mediation Services Team,
NSW Small Business Commissioner

Adrian Leopardi is a Mediation Manager with the New South Wales (NSW) Small Business Commissioner (SBC), Mediation Services Team.

Adrian is a Resolution Institute (RI) Professional Member and NMAS accredited Mediator and has been employed full time as a Mediation Manager with the NSW SBC since early 2016.

His experience includes helping new Mediation Officers apply their mediation skills to the intake of clients seeking mediation and helping new Mediators apply the facilitative mediation model to commercial disputes.

Sarah Ramsay
Regulatory Services Manager
Real Estate Authority
Aotearoa, New Zealand

Sarah has been practising in the conciliation/complaint resolution space for over 10 years. In 2014 she received the LEADR practitioner award for achievement by an emerging mediator.

As the Regulatory Services Manager at the Real Estate Authority, she is responsible for leading and coaching a team of dispute resolution professionals to deliver high-quality resolution services to consumers and real estate agents.

Sarah is a coach and assessor for Resolution Institute and a trainer on the Resolution Institute 5 day mediation course.

Amanda Ros
Mediation Manager
Mediation Services Team,
NSW Small Business Commissioner

Amanda Ros is a manager with the Mediation Services Team in the NSW Small Business Commission. She has a legal background and has been working with the Commission since 2014.

Amanda has years of experience managing the parties in commercial dispute through the intake of a mediation matter. Her experience includes supporting new mediation officers to develop mediation skills and guiding them in applying these skills to commercial disputes.