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On demand | Webinar | Child inclusion in family mediation: philosophy and practice

with Jill Goldman

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"a comprehensive and articulate overview of the philosophy and practice"
"Jill shares in-depth reflection about the philosophy of child inclusion, some great practical tools and direction for new and aspiring practitioners."

Child inclusion in family mediation: philosophy and practice

Conflicted separation is particularly harmful for children, as well as the mental health of the family, and the community. At its most extreme, severe parent-child contact problems occur. This is termed parental alienation, resist-refuse, or child/parent contact problems. Long term psychological problems for children and young people are generated by this breakdown in the child/parent relationship.

The Family Court (Supporting Children in Court) Legislation Act of 2021 in Aotearoa New Zealand concluded that children's participation in decisions about them was insufficient.

The duty of FDR providers is now to ensure that the children who are the subject of the dispute are given any reasonable opportunities to participate in decisions affecting them that the FDR provider considers appropriate.

This changes the landscape somewhat from the nice-to-have of child inclusion to a duty - rendering a somewhat more urgent training for mediators in a professional understanding of what child inclusion is.

The brief intervention described in this webinar is timely and effective and can offset serious emotional damage to parents and children alike.

A sample of strategies, case studies as well as research findings, are described in this webinar, with a focus on the healthy navigation of family restructure.

This research informed practice of child inclusion in mediation uses a blend of family systems, mediation skills, a linking of attachment theory and child development, and the parameters of family law. The approach has been highly evaluated.

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About the speaker

Jill Goldson

Jill is a highly experienced therapist and FDR mediator, Fellow of Resolution Institute, and has been involved in clinical practice for over 30 years.

Her work spans private and community practice, and academia. She sat on the expert reference group (ERG), in the 2019 family justice review (Te Korowai Ture a-Whānau), advising on therapeutic child inclusive mediation in situations of high conflict parenting and has completed a post graduate training in the management of parental alienation (IFT: Malta - Parental alienation Europe).

Appointed as a Churchill Research Fellow in 2008, Jill consults regularly on policy development both in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas jurisdictions and has published in academic journals, and in the media. In 2006, her research study of working with children and parents during separation was published.


More recently she has been published in the arbitrator & mediator with a paper on child inclusion and its impact on potential parental alienation.

(Journal (Resolution Institute) FINAL RI Journal 2021-07-06 (4) (3) (1).pdf)

Jill's ongoing research focuses on the participation of children in post-separation dispute resolution.