Negotiation workshop | Intensive negotiation skills | Auckland | 29-30 July 2019

with Michael Klug

Monday 29 July - Tuesday 30 July 2019 | Auckland

Offered in association with Clayton Utz

This cutting edge training program is run by Michael Klug AM, one of Australia's best known trainers in negotiation, conflict management and dispute resolution. Michael is passionate about helping you and your organisation achieve your business goals through developing your corporate negotiation competency.

What we'll cover:
On day one we'll explore the core theory and practice of negotiation, focusing on your individual negotiation style and how negotiations work.

On day two you'll learn how to make strategic decisions and position yourself in negotiations using highly practical and usable skills. You'll be offered unique insights into why negotiation can be a counterintuitive discipline and when you should trust your instincts - and when you shouldn't.

Who should attend:
Lawyers and all levels in business and government who wish to improve their negotiating performance. It's strongly recommended for those in legal and management roles.

What you will learn:
You will emerge from this workshop with the tools to create value in negotiations and reduce the costs of resolving conflict. You'll gain:

  • A powerful, highly effective and ethical style of negotiation
  • An understanding of negotiation theory, styles and strategies
  • Tools and practical skills to manage negotiations
  • Techniques to plan for negotiations and strategies for during negotiations
  • Knowledge and skill to manage complex negotiations including multi-party, multi-issue, high tension, difficult people

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