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On demand | Webinar | Early intervention: from theory to practice

with Dr Rosemary Howell

On demand | Online

“Great seminar, lovely presentation, food for thought. I enjoyed it immensely”

" Just great topic and well delivered both on topic and technically”

For some of us, early intervention is out of our hands. However, the benefits can be remarkable and it is useful for us all to seek opportunities to add these skills to our repertoire.

Dr Rosemary Howell discussed what research tells us about where opportunities for early intervention can be found and invites the audience to investigate some useful tools to enrich the process.

This webinar is aimed at targeted lawyers and dispute resolution practitioners who are interested to build their repertoire of skills in the pre-mediation space.

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About the presenter

Dr Rosemary Howell
Professorial Fellow UNSW,
Senior Fellow, Melbourne University

Rosemary has experience as a lawyer, strategic planner, teacher and CEO and has served a term as Secretary General of the Law Council of Australia. Her doctorate scrutinises lawyers in negotiation. She delivers dispute resolution, facilitation, and coaching services to a diverse range of national and international clients through her businesses Strategic Action and Strategic Resolution.

She is a Professorial Fellow at UNSW Sydney and a Senior Fellow at Melbourne University teaching Dispute Resolution to undergraduates and Mediation and Negotiation to postgraduates.

The 2018 International Who’s Who of Mediation names Strategic Resolution as a leading firm in Asia-Pacific and 2019 Who’s Who Australia places her in the top four mediators in Australia.

Her LinkedIn profile may be viewed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-rosemary-howell-b697ba/