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22 - 23 July 2019 Melbourne Conflict Management Coaching Skills: 2 day refresher

22 July 2019

Time: 9:00 AM -5:00 PM
Venue: TBC


Prerequisite – the 4 day CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching training

Review the stages of the CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching model, observe a demonstration of a coaching session, practise your coaching skills and reflect on your own approach to conflict. Network with new conflict management coaches who are doing the full 4 day Conflict Management Coaching​ training. This is an opportunity to refresh and practice your conflict management coaching skills.


- Connect with new and experienced conflict management coaches
- Review the intentions of and stages in the conflict management coaching model
- Practice your skills as a coach and participate as a coaching ‘client’
- Observe both a conflict management coaching demonstration and other coaches
- Increase your confidence in use of the conflict management coaching model
- Refresh your understanding of the Not-so merry-go-round of conflict
- Opportunity to ask questions regarding use of the model
- Prepare for accreditation.

If you are planning to do the video/audio assessment for Accreditation as a CINERGY® Conflict Management coach, this course is excellent preparation.

Becoming accredited as a Conflict Management coach

Accreditation as a conflict management coach identifies you as meeting international competency standards. You will also be listed on Resolution Institute's Website and eligible for conflict management coaching referrals.