Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

Without the whites of their eyes: dispute resolution over the phone

with Sarah Ramsay

Join Sarah for a fun and highly interactive workshop, designed to maximise your practical learning.

It’s common these days to have parties in geographically different areas, and the phone may be the only means we have for getting them together. Telephone dispute resolution poses a unique set of challenges for practitioners. How do you build rapport with parties? How do you integrate private sessions? How do you support the parties to truly hear and understand each other when they can’t see the ‘whites of their eyes’?

During this session we’ll consider the answers to these questions, through exploration of some suggested ideas, discussion and experiential tasks, and look at how you might adapt your face-to-face skills for the medium of the phone. You’ll leave with tools and tips you can apply to your everyday practice.

Sarah Ramsay has a background in complaint resolution in a statutory context and currently leads the Early Resolution team at the Real Estate Authority.

For the past six years Sarah has convened network meetings for the Resolution Institute in Wellington. In 2014 she received the LEADR practitioner award for achievement by an emerging mediator.

In her spare time, Sarah co-manages a community mediation service in Wellington.