Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

Swimming between the flags: mediating in the shark-infested waters of organizational change

with David Bryson

Do the skills of dispute resolution have application in the unpredictable course of organizational change? This workshop claims they do but not without adapting the principles and practices of ADR to the complexities of organizational change.

The role of the dispute resolver in organizational change – whether that person be the HR practitioner or independent mediator - requires mapping skills (to diagnose what is going on, scoping frameworks (to design the most appropriate ADR processes to meet business issue), adapting the ADR approach (to reflect the nature of the problem, the context of change for the organization and individuals involved), and political savvy (to avoid the inevitability of being “caught” by the organization and rendered ineffectual).

The workshop explores the dynamics of mediating in the context of organizational change drawing upon the presenter’s experience of over 30 years of practice.

In the workshop participants will be involved in hands-on case studies, applying tools to particular workplace situations. Participants will develop skills in identifying key influences that confront the ADR practitioner, how to fit the right ADR process to a workplace problem, and develop survival tools for how to navigate the shark-infested waters of organizational change!

David Bryson is a highly experienced workplace facilitator and executive coach. Based in Melbourne, he specialises in ADR consultancy with a focus on management and team coaching and capacity building in organisational change.

David has a BA (Hons) (Flinders University) and degrees from Oxford University (Social Anthropology), and RMIT, Melbourne (Business Studies-Organisational Change). His clients have been from private, public, professional and tertiary organisations.