Telling your story: a restorative approach to workplace conflict

with Kirsty Ferguson

This case study based interactive workshop will explore the use of a restorative process from an initial inquiry for a mediator through to the final outcome. It will detail the various steps along the way to prepare participants and their support people for a restorative hui, the facilitation of the hui, supporting the parties to co-construct an agreement that includes clear steps and accountability for implementing the actions that have been agreed to.

By the end of the workshop the aim is to have you going away with a deeper understanding of how you might use a restorative process in workplace dispute resolution. There will be opportunities to share your knowledge and experience, play with some questions and create a draft introductory statement. I will add to the mix some insights and learnings that I have gained along the way from situations that have turned out well and those that haven’t!

Kirsty Ferguson
Restorative practitioner

I came across Restorative Practice in the education sector. I love its potential to resolve the tricky relationship stuff whilst maintaining the wellbeing and care of all parties central to the process. It can be transformational, with people emerging from these difficult moments in life with a greater understanding of themselves, of others, and the organisations they are a part of.

I live in Te Whanganui a Tara with my partner. I have three adult children. I love to cook, cycle, tramp. My latest passion is permaculture and the desire to live more sustainably.