Aotearoa Best Practice Dispute Resolution Framework: kōrero on experiences, lessons learned and where to from here

with the Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR) Team

The Framework provides a way of consistently measuring the maturity of schemes and tracking their progress, better understanding trends and emerging issues in the sector and identifying opportunities for collective action. It builds on the existing principles and guidance developed by the GCDR and includes a set of standards, a capability maturity model and an assessment tool.

Since the Framework was launched in December 2020, GCDR has been promoting and supporting its uptake. A number of schemes have completed the assessment tool and several agencies have used the Framework to inform dispute resolution proposals, including the establishment of new schemes.

This workshop session will focus on the experiences of parts of the sector that have used the Framework, what they and the GCDR have learned and what we are planning next. We will present and bring together a panel of sector representatives that have already implemented the Framework. The panel will include people from schemes and government agencies responsible for them who can share ‘how to’ stories about their use of the Framework and its value to them.

The Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR) team

The Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR) has been a permanent team within MBIE since 2016. It is funded to support all government dispute resolution outside of the court system.

GCDR is a multi-disciplinary team of talented and experienced professionals. Team members come from diverse backgrounds including policy, law, and service design and have extensive experience and expertise in dispute resolution scheme design and implementation.

We take a people-centred and responsive approach to working with schemes and agencies across government. The team delivers dispute resolution advice and outcomes at all levels - for users, for schemes/agencies, and for systems.