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Nina Harding

Nina Harding Mediation Services Pty Ltd

Sydney based, though prepared to travel
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Senior Mediator/Facilitator, 25 years experience mediating commercial disputes.

Nina Harding has mediated more than 2000 business disputes.  She is a law graduate and has a Master of Laws.  Nina is a nationally accredited mediator and a recognised expert in the area of dispute resolution.  

Nina is the Australian Film Code Conciliator and a member of numerous mediation panels including the national Franchise panel, the Commonwealth Ombudsman panel of Facilitators, the NSW Workers Compensation Commission panel of mediators, etc.

Nina is a casual lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney and has taught at numerous universities including, The University of Sydney, Monash and Hong Kong University. Nina recently featured in 4 videos discussing Farm Debt Mediation in NSW.  Nina has taught thousands of people how to negotiate more effectively and resolve conflict.  

Nina is a co-author of the Workplace Conflict Guide, available on iTunes.

See Nina Harding’s cv and experience at: www.ninaharding.com


Experience and qualifications

Highly experienced mediator and facilitator

Law Graduate, Master of Laws

Harvard Law School trained mediator 

Experience in a variety of different disputes, including:

  • General commercial disputes;
  • Franchising and small business disputes;
  • Workplace conflict;
  • Charitable organisations;
  • Farm Debt (NSW and Qld);
  • Wills and estates;
  • Personal injury;
  • IP disputes;
  • Development  and land use issues;
  • Closure and reorganisation of hospital services;

Nina is a Nationally Accredited Mediator in Australia and is a member of several mediation panels:

·         NSW Workers Compensation Mediator (2002 -);

·         Commonwealth Ombudsman Defence Facilitator (2014 -);

·         Farm Debt Mediator NSW (1995 -);

·         Farm Debt Mediator Qld (2017 -);

·         LEADR Advanced Mediator (2002 – );

·         Office of the Franchising Mediation Adviser (2002 – );

·         Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre; and

·         SPAN ADR Adviser for disputes in the telecommunications 

           Industry (2005-2007)

Nina was recently appointed as the Australian Film Code Conciliator.


Nina’s clients have included state, local and federal government, KPMG, US Aid, Hong Kong University, AGL, The Law Institute of Victoria, the ATO, CommSec, ABN AMRO, Westpac, NAB, The Australian Human Rights Commission, The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman, NSW Police, The Financial Ombudsman Service, The Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria and NSW). 


Nina is a former Senior Adjunct Lecturer at La Trobe University. She is currently a casual lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney. She has taught at numerous universities including, The University of Sydney, The University of Western Sydney, The University of NSW and Hong Kong University.


"HIC has engaged Nina to conduct high level mediations, and has found her practical, quiet approach achieves excellent results and that, most importantly, those results last." Julia Burns, Manager, People and Performance HIC

“The success of the Forum was in large measure due to your expert facilitation. We all (including the AG) think you did a brilliant job in engaging and encouraging the audience, and we were thrilled by the participation of everyone who turned up.  The input we collected is amazing – and validates the directions we were thinking the Strategy should take, so that is very reassuring!”  NSW Dept of Justice

“Thank you for your assistance and guidance in getting mediation up and running within FWO. Your depth of knowledge and practical explanation of mediation gave all of us a great basis to pursue an interest in mediation now and in the future.”  Peter Schmarr, Assistant Director ADR, Fair Work Ombudsman

See: www.ninaharding.com for further testimonials.


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