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Rebecca McKane
The Hon Greg Keating
Sydney and Canberra

The Hon Greg Keating is a former Judge.

He is an experienced mediator, specialising in resolving litigation before the parties proceed to contested hearings. Mr Keating's experience includes disputes relating to insurance, workplace injury, motor vehicle accidents, wills and estates and public liability.

Kerrie Harms

Kerrie Harms

Kerrie Harms has been practicing as a mediator for approximately two decades and is a well-reputed mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.  Kerrie Harms has completed over 5000 hours of mediation giving her extensive experience in the field.  She offers professional, impartial and convenient mediation and Family Dispute Resolution services to assist you to resolve your family dispute with as much ease as possible.

Kerrie Harms is a registered with the Attorney General’s Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and is an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Kerrie Harms holds a Bachelor of Jurisprudence (1988) and Bachelor of Laws (1989) from the University of Western Australia.


Chairperson at the Alternate Dispute Resolution Unit of the Legal Aid Commission of Western Australia since 1996 (conducting mediation)

Practicing as a self-employed mediator since 1996

Completed over 5000 hours of mediation as a mediator

Qualified Barrister and Solicitor since 1989

Accredited Family Law Specialist since 1997

Coach of mediators through LEADR (Association of Dispute Resolvers) since 2008

Nationally Accredited Mediator since 2008

Convenor of the Children’s Court of Western Australia Signs of Safety Conferences since 2010

Convenor of the Family Law Mediation Style Conferences since 2012

Accreditation and Appointments:


Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner – Accredited and Registered Provider of Family Dispute Resolution Services

Member of the Supervision Panel of the ADR Unit for Legal Aid WA

Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)


Admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia on 2 March 1990

Admitted to the High Court of Australia on 13 February 1991

Accredited as a Family Law Specialist by the Law Society of Western Australia in November 1997


Appointed as a Convenor of the Children’s Court of Western Australia in 2006


Law Society of Western Australia

Family Law Practitioners Association

Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia

Accredited LEADR Practitioner

Australian Institute of Family Lawyers and Mediators.

Nicole Kepert
Peter Spence
Warren Saunders
Owen Webb
Victoria and Southern NSW

Business to business and all commercial mediation. Farm Debt Mediation.


Stephen Herrick
John Haynes
Central West NSW
David Simpson
Canberra, Sydney

Workplace dispute resolution, mediation facilitation and conflict coaching services.  David and the other Team HR practitioners support individuals to develop the skills and confidence to respond to workplace conflict in a constructive and resilient manner.  Working at the individual, team and organisational levels we provide independent professional conflict coaching, facilitation and mediation across industries and sectors.  Based in Canberra, and delivering services throughout Australia, Team HR is a participant on a range of public sector standing offer panels in dispute resolution, capability development and related services.


I have been an Arbitrator and a Mediator for over twenty years and combine these qualifications with the practical experience of running a law firm and pursuing my practice as an Accredited Business Specialist and an Accredited Property Specialist. If not the first, I was one of the first Solicitors in New South Wales to receive both of these accreditations. I have served on the Law Society of New South Wales Arbitration Liaison Committee, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and Business Law Committee. I have received arbitration and mediation referrals over a period of many years from the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the District Court of New South Wales, the Local Court, the Law Society of New South Wales, Australian Commercial Disputes Centre, the Office of the Mediation Advisor, LEADR and from within the profession. I am a Specialist auDA Arbitrator and a Specialist Mediator for the Retail Tenancy Unit (Leases - State Government) and the Commonwealth Government's Aged Care Panel. I am a Specialist Arbitrator and Mediator for the Workers Compensation Commission. I have also conducted a Supreme Court early neutral evaluation and am on the Arts Law Mediator's Panel and served on the Energy Australia Panel of Mediators when that Panel operated. I am a nationally Accredited Mediator, an advanced Mediator with LEADR, a Notary Public and Commissioner for Affidavits. I have an extensive practice in commercial leases including acting on all leases for a multinational company as regards the Eastern Australian States. I have a background in training Mediators and being a speaker at the Law Society's Arbitration Refresher Courses as well as commercially run courses on business topics.

Galatee Underwood
WA | Margaret River & Busselton Area |phone & online

Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner & Workplace Mediator

Registered to issue Certificates under section 60I of the Family Law Act

Underwood Mediation is based in Margaret River and offers services in the South West region as well as in Perth.

Our commitment to clients:

  • Open communication & Non-adversarial process
  • Collaboration & Confidentiality
  • Support to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution
  • Avoid a lengthy and costly court process.

Formally trained in facilitative mediation and in Family Dispute Resolution, Galatee applies her skills in a variety of mediation areas including:

  • Family dispute resolution: Post-Separation, Parenting Plans, Property and Financial Agreements, Wills & Inheritance, Elder mediation, Bilingual families
  • Workplace mediation: conflict coaching and resolution, multicultural workforce conflict management
  • Other areas of mediation practice: Commercial & Business, Not-for-profit sector, Neighbourhood and Community. 

"I have witnessed the many benefits of the mediation process for people as well as for organisations. My long term involvement with the justice system shaped my commitment to supporting people resolve their conflicts outside of Court, wherever possible."

Diane Skene
Darling Downs and West, Queensland

Di Skene Mediation Services, Darling Downs and West in Queensland.

Mediation's can be facilitated by Telephone, Skype and In person (face to face or shuttle).

  • Civil Disputes
  • Family Dispute Resolution
  • Court Ordered Mediation
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Parenting Plans
Craig Jones
Hannah McKenzie
Lindsay Smith
Steven Pynt
Fremantle Western Australia

Very experienced commercial lawyer particularly in franchising, having worked full time in the franchising industry for 7 years, and having acted for both franchisors and franchisees. I have appeared for parties on a number of mediations, and for a period conducted mediations when Chairman of the Commercial Tribunal. My practice also covers general commercial transactions and Wills and Estate Planning and Probate matters. 

Ian Townson

Construction/Architecture/Engineering 20 Years in Building & Civil Construction Engineer Construction Disputes; Project Management� Quality Management. 10 Years specialization in Construction Programming and Forensic Analysis of Construction Claims

The Hon Rodney K Burr AM

Retired Family Court Judge of 14 years experience

Former Acting Justice of the Family Court of Western Australia

Practising in the family law jurisdiction for over 46 years

United Nations Award for Services to the Year of the Family

Order of Australia (AM) for service to the law, children and families

Former Chair of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia & Law Soc of SA

​Former President of the Law Society of South Australia

Experienced Mediator Australia wide in the family law jurisdiction

Graham Rabe


  • 1990 - 2014 - Francis Burt Chambers
  • 2015 - present - Legal practitioner practising principally as barrister 

Commercial Litigation Consultant

  • 2015 - present

NMAS Accredited Mediator

Web Site 


Ann Ellison
Sarah Heesom
Catherine Williams
Wayville Adelaide Fringe

As an engineer, builder, and consultant in construction dispute management and resolution, I display a range of practical skills and commercial acumen.

Whilst I bring this practical approach to my mediation practice, I am also a naturally empathetic, pragmatic and warm person, and an excellent listener.

I live in Adelaide with my husband, two children and dog, and am passionate about helping people and businesses overcome any variety of conflict and dispute.

I am available to mediate at short notice and can arrange mediations outside of business hours (e.g. on the weekend).

The mediation will take place on Greenhill Road, Wayville, with close access for public transport, and plenty of car parking.

Call me on 0432 055 301

or email catherine@catherine-williams.com


Paul E Caporale
Eastern seaboard

Disputes involving insurers & government agencies: professional & medical  negligence, general liability (product & public), policy coverage (ISR, life, D&O, broadform), intentional tort, school law, institutional neglect & abuse. Also defamation, general commercial/contract/equity disputes, estate/family provision matters.

Barbara McKee
Ilknur Bayari

Specialising in Family Dispute Resolution involving children and/or financial issues.

John Melia

Helping people reach agreement with positive outcomes via mediation. i have practised as a solicitor for 19 years in the areas of personal injury law, family law, conveyancing, wills and estates, summary crime and litigation. I understand the needs of all parties in a dispute and use my experience to assist the parties in a mediation. 

Nichole Orr
Newcastle - Hunter
Scott Pearsall
Allison Northcott

As an experienced workplace investigator and mediator, Allison is passionate about working with her clients to get to the bottom of the most challenging workplace matters whilst ensuring a rigorous and procedurally fair process.

Allison's current clients include corporates and NFPs across all sectors, NSW government departments and law firms. Prior to specialising in workplace investigations, Allison held senior HR/ER roles in blue chip companies in both Australia and offshore, including Westpac, Credit Suisse and Rio Tinto.

Allison holds a Masters in Labour Law and Relations from Sydney University, and is an accredited mediator with the Resolution Institute.

Allison is comfortable with engaging with Boards and has gained directorship skills and experience through the Company Director's course (AICD) and her current role as an Executive Director at Chrysalis Advisory, at which she is responsible for the strategic, financial and compliance requirements of the business. 

Murray Bruce
Gold Coast and Brisbane
Ben Whittaker

12 Years in the architectural / construction industry as a professional, currently consulting in Business Development, Strategic Planning, Architecture & Design. Experienced in Construction Management, Contract Management, Contract Administration, Contract Documentation, Project Management and Consultant / client Relationships.

Gwen Edwards
Blue Mountains, Western Sydney
Khory McCormick

Khory's opinion is sought by leading corporate and public sector participants on diverse strategic and operational issues. For over 20 years he has been at the forefront of cutting edge commercial, public sector, resources and major projects, industrial law and media litigation and advisory work. Khory has advised all levels of government on strategic issues and significant disputation matters, private sector participants on the impact on rights and contractual obligations as a consequence of government contracting party changing status, and risk management and employee safety programs. Khory is involved in advising on internal conflicts, inter-office defamation issues, contracts for external service providers, liability for the acts of agents and exclusivity arrangements and ability to terminate. Khory is a Queensland Supreme Court and Queensland Law Society approved mediator.

Hans Bokelund
Alan K Chuck
VIC Melbourne metro

Freelance civil engineer and engineering arbitrator. Accredited Adjudicator under the Security of Payment Act (Vic). Accredited mediator. Sessional Member of Planning Panels Victoria and VCAT. Civil engineer specialising in engineering contracts, claims and dispute resolution. 

Juanita Winks
Dr Anjali Rastogi
Newcastle & Hunter

Dr. Anjali Rastogi is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner as well as a practising Solicitor and retired Dental Surgeon.

As a qualified Solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2008, Anjali has witnessed and continues to participate in the Australian Judicial System.

Anjali firmly believes that many disputes can be resolved more efficiently, cost-effectively, with better outcomes and far less stress through mediation than the adversarial system offered through the Courts.

Anjali is committed to providing a high standard of mediation service to all parties to a dispute by identifying issues, evaluating options, testing solutions and facilitating the process in an impartial, non-judgmental and unbiased manner.

Ann Fitzpatrick
Jan Elsley
Sunshine Coast and SE Queensland

Workplace Mediation and conflict resolution, Facilitation and training for workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Recognised by peers, colleagues and clients as committed, discrete and professional with an interest in facilitating conflict discussions with fairness, dignity and empathy for all parties involved.

Provides consultancy services as a Workforce change manager, Project manager, Facilitator and Trainer to achieve collaborative solutions for people, culture and business change. 

Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane North areas …. and willing to travel to other regions in Queensland or along the East Coast of Australia.

Sue Williamson
Melbourne CBD; Mornington Peninsula

Mediation for commercial and tax disputes

Patrick Paroz
Mark Buchanan

Using determination, creativity and over 35 years' experience, I enjoy working with people to nail the best commercial result. 

Sarah Noble
Mark Williams

Mark is a barrister practising in Brisbane with over 25 years experience in commercial litigation and construction law and has both published and lectured extensively. In addition to advising and representing parties in their disputes Mark has also acted as mediator in over 150 disputes over the last 15 years.

Mark holds the degrees of Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Master of Laws and is a Registered Adjudicator in Queensland under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004.


Belinda Crawford
Sydney/Parramatta/The Hills

Crawford Mediation & Arbitration offers efficient and dignified family law solutions with an Accredited Specialist in Family Law with 20 years experience.  Belinda is the Principal at Crawford Mediation & Arbitration and a former Senior Registrar and Registrar of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.  She worked across the Sydney and Parramatta Registries of the Court for 15 years and prior to that, worked in private practice.  Belinda knows only too well the challenges and stresses associated with contested Family Law proceedings and has a passion for assisting parties to resolve their disputes with reduced cost, stress and delay.

Shiv Martin
Brisbane City and Ipswich

Are you looking for a Mediator that will empower you to resolve your conflict and identify suitable options to move ahead?

I offer a flexible, cost-effective and innovative approach to dispute management and resolution.

I am experienced in facilitative and evaluative mediation processes. In evaluative processes, I can provide parties with impartial and independent information (not advice) on possible legal outcomes should the dispute continue. In addition to my legal qualifications, I have over 10 years experience resolving disputes in the government sector.

I have expertise in conducting face to face mediation as well as using technology manage disputes remotely. We can arrange mediation by phone or web conferences should parties be uncomfortable or unable to meet in person.

I have a special area of interest and expertise in managing high conflict individuals in mediation. I have delivered training and engaged in dealing with this group of individuals.


Gavin Halling

Construction/Architecture/Engineering Consultant / Project Management Project Management Consultancy & Training, Construction (Engineering & Building)

Ronald Arthur Finlay

Legal Lawyer / Barrister & Solicitor

Tanya Wilson
Victoria - Melbourne & Regional Vic