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John Whelan
Tom O'Sullivan
Janet Lynne Barnes
South East Queensland
Anne Sawtell
Chris Lenz

I solve complex legal and technical problems for engineering and construction clients.

I head a boutique law practice using professional experience of:

  1. 25 years as a lawyer dealing with front-end, contract administration and back-end issues; together with
  2. 15 years as a civil engineer as a construction contractor and consulting engineer;

to assist a wide range of clients to understand their risks, preserve or increase their cash position, whilst maintaining or improving their relationships with those with whom they contract.

Stewart McMullin

Focussing on supporting business to resolve disputes, Independent Mediators Australia prides itself on understanding the psychology of conflict and providing high quality interventions at the earliest opportunity.

To maximise success, we can match our professional mediators according to their experience and relative to the nature of the conflict.

We aim to keep the process as straight forward as possible reducing anxiety for all parties, while maintaining our professional standards.

Gavin Halling

Construction/Architecture/Engineering Consultant / Project Management Project Management Consultancy & Training, Construction (Engineering & Building)

Anne Ardagh
Marilyn Waugh
Family disputes, Business, Cultural

Over 20 years Mediation/FDRP experience in all types of mediation.


10yrs as a construction/project engineer 10yrs as a Barrister 15yrs as an Arbitrator/ Mediator

Lucy Thomas

Lucy’s practice is focused on both parenting issues and financial disputes. Lucy has extensive experience in relation to both negotiated settlements and Family Court litigation with respect to child related and financial disputes.

Lucy regularly appears in both the Family Court and the Children’s Court. Her extensive experience as a family lawyer in Perth, led to her being named one of the pre-eminent lawyers in Parenting, Custody and Children’s Matters and a Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer by Doyles 2018, and her knowledge of the law means that her clients are represented by a specialist who is well equipped to assist clients’ understanding of and participation in the Family Court process and in any associated mediation. Lucy has developed her experience in these areas since starting with the firm in 1990.

John Morris


Peter Heuzenroeder
Erica Panagakos
Adelaide region

Erica is a solicitor at Belperio Clark Family, Wills & Business Lawyers. She is a Collaborative practitioner and nationally accredited mediator. Erica is settlement focused and works hard to deliver practical and cost effective legal advice to her clients.

For more about Erica, please visit the Belperio Clark website. 

Antonino de Fina

Immediate Past President - Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Past President - IAMA Patron- Australian Underwater Federation Member/Past Member - Number of committees of Standards Association of Australia Member of Court - Cour Europeene d'Arbitrage

Kris Darmody

Kris is an accredited mediator with over 20 years’ experience leading multi-party negotiations across a range of matters in business and the creative industries. Kris is a skilled and practical facilitator with honed experience in working with parties to consider options presented through a realistic and practical lens.

Frank Handy
Karen Wise
Ed Skinner
Southern Queensland Northern NSW

Commercial disputes, Expert Witness, Social License, Communities, Not for Profit, Coach, Mentor, Body Corporates

Drawing from rich and diverse commercial and project experience across 40 years in major projects in the power and mining/minerals sectors, across 10 countries, public and private sectors and on both client and contractor sides, I listen, empathise, energise, add value, consult and support my clients to identify, challenge and deliver practical solutions that lead to the best solutions for all stakeholders.

  • Board Advisory
  • End-to-End Project Delivery - EPC, EPCM, PMC & owner roles, community engagement & social license
  • Mediation, Expert Witness, Root Cause Analyses, dispute resolution
  • Business Integration & Optimisation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Procedures, Systems, Project Services
  • Engineering, Maintenance, Operations
Rob Zikmann
Sydney and NSW

I am an experienced dispute resolution specialist. I have an above average success rate in resolving  difficult and protracted disputes.

I am a barrister at the NSW Bar with a specialisation in Building and Construction. After 20 years as a professional consultant and project manager in the building industry I became interested in dispute resolution and have since made this my primary area of professional practice. I am an experienced mediator, grade 1 arbitrator, expert determiner and adjudicator. As a result of my unique mix of practical and legal experienced I am well placed to assist parties in finding cost effective and workable solutions to their disputes.

Although my primary area of practice is in building and construction I am available to mediate in all types of disputes where creative problem solving and good "people skills" are required. 

I am "the Pathfinder"


Andrew Boog
Dubbo, Western NSW

Commercial and family law practice

Paul  Lucas
Kate Harrison
Brisbane and southeast Queensland

Facilitative workplace mediation services in disputes specialising in matters of:

  • discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • performance-related issues
  • human resources
  • workplace health and safety
  • attendance management and;
  • interpersonal conflicts.

Conflict management coach offering 1:1 sessions when a joint mediation is not recommended after conducting the intake meetings

Employee support

Angela Ballard
Melbourne, Regional and Rural Victoria

Conflict Coaching, Mediation, Conferencing, Facilitative Conversations, Relationship Management and Interactive Problem Solving.

Deals with the complex people issues in workplaces.

Michael Charteris

30 years of contract administration of commercial building contracts in WA from tender, negotiation, subcontract letting, variation claim assessment and submission, etc. Specialising in contracts including guaranteed bills of quantities. Registered adjudicator in WA and NT since 2005 having written numerous decisions for payment disputes up to $100M. Quantity surveying comprising measurement of building quantities, cost estimates, etc.

Michael Hollingdale
Perth Western Australia

Commercial mediator offering a fixed fee mediation service following a preliminary conference by phone or face to face.

Preferred form of Mediation Agreement incorporates the Resolution Institute's Mediation Rules.

My usual fixed mediation fee is $5,500 inclusive of GST#. This includes:

  1. preparing Mediation Agreement;
  2. preliminary meeting, including agenda and minutes;
  3. reading parties' position papers and considering a moderate volume of materials in preparation; and
  4. one day mediation conference (up to 8 hours).

(#This fee may vary depending on the complexity and preparation time as assessed at the preliminary conference.)

My usual fixed fee for a half day mediation is $3,300 inclusive of GST. This includes:

  1. preparing Mediation Agreement;
  2. preliminary meeting, including agenda and minutes;
  3. reading parties' position papers and considering a small volume of materials in preparation; and
  4. mediation conference (up to 4 hours).

For mediations where the quantum in dispute is less than $50,000 a lower fixed fee may be agreed.

Facilitation fees will be assessed on initial in-take however the above rates will serve as a guide.

If applicable, the Resolution Institute's nomination fee will be added as a disbursement.

Meaghan Gill

7 years experience in the field of occupational rehabilitation 10 years experience in occupational therapy practise Medico-legal and Functional Capacity Assessments Implementation of occupational rehabilitation programmes with Workers Compensation and CTP (NSW) claimants Consultancy services - Workers Compensation Injury Management, Occupational Health and Safety Development and facilitation of introductory training sessions: Manual Handling; Occupational Health and Safety; Ergonomics. Facilitation of insurer specific Injury Management training Ergonomic assessment and consultation Occupational Therapy Home Assessment and supply of equipment Case management

Lisanne (Elisabeth) Iriks
Jack Quaid -
Canberra, southern tablelands, Sydney, Hunter

Property Valuation, Real Estate, Construction, Government, Executive Management, Human Resources.

Family Dispute Resolution

Private Mediation Agreements

Property Settlement

Susan Harwood

Gender equality specialist with particular skills in mediating on gender issues arising in the workplace

Christina Grover
Peter Hampton

I have been a Presidential Member of the two Commissions for 12 years and have dealt with a range of matters including the conciliation, mediation and arbitration of almost all types of employment related disputes. Prior to my appointment I was the General Manager of HRM Services with what is now known as Business SA and in that context managed and acted as a consultant in Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management and OHS.

Dominic Pilkington

Construction Lawyer of over 20 years experience in multiple jurisdictions.

Kelly Heathcote
Jill Raby
Melbourne and regional Victoria

InTandem Legal Services provides a forum for parties with a family dispute to come together with or without their legal representatives to resolve their dispute in a co-operative way with the assistance of a family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP). This service accepts referrals from legal practitioners and can arrange settlement conferences at city, metropolitan and regional locations as agreed between all participants. We are FDRPs registered with the Federal Attorney Generals Department and can provide Certificates to confirm involvement in Family Dispute Resolution. We provide affordable and accessible dispute resolution that promotes the safety of all participants and the best interests of the children. All parties are required to have obtained legal advice and are recommended to be legally represented during the settlement conference.

Robert Crossing
Emma Watt
Melbourne's eastern suburbs
  • Helping workplaces move past disputes and focus on productivity
  • 20 years' experience in human resources and workplace relations
  • Practical approach, help facilitate workable outcomes for all parties

I am a volunteer with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, and usually have a trainee puppy with me who is learning and socialising. The puppy will sleep a lot and won't interrupt a mediation.


Allan Myers
Callum Campbell
Queensland NSW Victoria ACT

Callum has established court-annexed and private sector mediation systems both in Australia and the South Pacific region.

Callum has actively mediated and participated in over 2,000 mediations in all areas of the commercial legal arena, the workplace sector and family law disputes as well as community consultations. Other dispute areas dealt with include Commercial contracts; Environmental; Public Policy; Sporting Associations; Political, Criminal Law; Juvenile Justice; Indigenous Affairs; Employment Law; Industrial Relations; Administrative; Property; Franchising; Information Technology; Construction; IR; Trade Practices; and Intellectual Property.

Callum recently completed a training and accreditation program for the Solomon Islands and PNG Judiciary and leads a team of specialist mediators in PNG. He was appointed as mediator in 2005 by the Australian Federal Government to co-mediate a resolution of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy issues and its future in front of Old Parliament House in Canberra. This was the largest Indigenous mediation process ever undertaken in Australia.

Callum is also a specialist dispute consultant on the Mediator Project Panel for the East Timor/Fiji initiative with Mediators Beyond Borders – Partnering for Peace, a non-profit humanitarian organisation established to partner with communities worldwide to build their conflict resolution capacity for preventing resolving and healing form conflict.

Graeme Blank
Leta Chen
Close to Melbourne



We have worked hands-on with conflict since 1990, with direct specialised experience in complex and entrenched workplace disputes.

We have a proven track record of delivering robust, sustainable outcomes for organisations, with high satisfaction ratings from all concerned. We empower employers and individuals to prevent and effectively manage internal and external conflict within the workplace. In doing so, the associated financial and human costs are reduced significantly.

Our conflict management services range from mediations, facilitations, leadership coaching, conflict coaching, and workplace training to small and large team interventions. Our supportive services include EAP, individual psychological counselling and couples enrichment sessions.


Conflict comes at a high human and financial cost to organisations. This includes lowered morale, deteriorated health and wellbeing, absence, disengagement, and reduced productivity.

Momentum supports organisations to reduce the cost of conflict through it’s proven approach.


We provide a safe and supportive space where individuals can reflect, gain awareness and valuable insights into the contributing factors, thus allowing informed choices to be made.

Momentum’s focus is always on restorative interventions, resilience and finding more effective ways to manage the ‘necessary’ conversation.  We give hope and optimism to people who manage, and are caught in conflict situations, providing the promise of transformation.

Momentum’s approach empowers, strengthens and enables people to address their fears, step into the conflict and competently engage in courageous discussions. Perspectives and mindsets are changed when people can walk in the other person’s shoes, see the bigger picture, and take personal accountability for their part in the solution.

Lindsay Smith
Narelle Fordham

Resolve Sydney specialises in accredited Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and mediation services, (S60I Certificates).

Our aim is to provide effective interventions and services that foster stronger relationships and develop healthy ways to cope with relationship change.

Resolve Sydney professionals have specialised training and experience in psychology, family dispute resolution, family therapy, educational and developmental psychology, mediation, and family law.

In addition to family dispute resolution we offer parent guidance training, and child & adolescent therapy to assist families to build happier, stronger relationships through relationship education, negotiation and skills training.

David Thyer

David Thyer is a Grade 1 Arbitrator, Expert Determiner, an Accredited Mediator and an Accredited Adjudicator in building and construction disputes. David has extensive experience in dealing with disputes between principals, contractors, subcontractors and consultants on commercial, industrial and domestic projects. David as an Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Expert and Mediator has dealt with amounts in dispute up to $24M on issues such as contract interpretation, incomplete works, variation claims, extension of time claims, delay cost claims, prolongation claims, liquidated damages, defects, rectification costs, contractual default, back charges, quality of work and damages claims. David has experience in the use of expedited procedures to reduce the time and cost involved in resolving disputes.

David was the arbitrator in Lin Tiger Plastering Pty Ltd v Platinum Construction (Vic) Pty Ltd [2018] VSC 221 and the adjudicator in Melbourne Steel Erectors v M&I Samaras [2017] VSC 308.

Claudia Reed
Steven Pynt
Fremantle Western Australia

Very experienced commercial lawyer particularly in franchising, having worked full time in the franchising industry for 7 years, and having acted for both franchisors and franchisees. I have appeared for parties on a number of mediations, and for a period conducted mediations when Chairman of the Commercial Tribunal. My practice also covers general commercial transactions and Wills and Estate Planning and Probate matters. 

Michael Klug AM
George Stathopoulos
Sarah Rey
employment termination discrimination harassment

Fair, independent, balanced and experienced describe Sarah's approach to mediating employment related disputes and grievances.

Sarah is a solicitor with 30 years experience working with organisations to put in place the best practices for dealing with conflict.

Mediation is a key tool in facilitating resolution of long standing disputes, breaking the pattern of ongoing grievance and gridlocked relationships.

Sarah works with both managers and employees to assist them in finding a sustainable solution to their unique set of issues.

Sarah is brings her insights and facilitation skills to all her mediations, which she has gained as the managing partner of highly regarded law firm consultancy Justitia, and as a director and chairperson of various bodies.

For more information about Sarah see: