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Ann Fieldhouse
Barry Tozer

Advisor on construction management issues including documentation, scheduling and costs, contractual disputes and tender evaluation Assignments have included preparation and review of documents, cost estimates and reviews of claims for works as diverse as antennae, tunnels and underground structures, bridges, wharves, road and railway construction, mining infrastructure, pipelines, power stations and process plants and industrial, commercial and residential building. Clients have included contractors, subcontractors, public authorities, developers and major companies (1979-present). Member, National Committee on Construction Engineering, IEAust,(1991-present). Part-time lecturer, University of Sydney (1983-1993), UNSW (1984-1994). Previously employed as project engineer and senior estimator by John Holland Constructions Pty. Ltd. (1973 ? 1979). Prior to 1973, spent 8 years gaining construction and design experience in Australia and overseas on power station and tunnelling works. Engineer / civil Consultant Construction

Brisbane and Regional Queensland

John Cahill Mediator

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Brisbane, All of Queensland and Northern NSW

| Ph. 07 3378 2116 | Mobile: 0433020256 | johncahill@qldbar.asn.au

Barrister | NMAS Accredited Mediator | Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner


Family Dispute Mediation

Are you unable to register quickly for a mediation at a Family Relationship Centre such as Centacare or Relationships Australia ?

Is private mediation a too costly alternative for you?

I can help.

I offer affordable and timely mediation in family dispute resolution when you need it.

I also realise it is difficult for parties to arrange a time for mediation during work hours. As a result, I offer mediation times after-hours and on Saturdays and Sundays. 

I welcome non-lawyer assisted mediation as well as lawyer assisted mediation.

1. Children’s Matters

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation
  • S60I Certificate: $330 if the mediation fails to proceed.
  • S60I Certificate: Free of charge if the mediation proceeds but does not reach agreement.

2.  Property and Financial Matters:

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation


General Dispute Mediation

3.  Neighbour Disputes

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation


4. Commercial, Franchise and Financial Disputes

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $990 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $495
  • Full payment required by the mediation

4. Wills and Estates

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $990 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $495
  • Full payment required by the mediation

5. Elder Disputes

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation
Adrian Leopardi
Nina Harding

Senior Mediator/Facilitator, 25 years experience mediating commercial disputes.

Nina Harding has mediated more than 2000 business disputes.  She is a law graduate and has a Master of Laws.  Nina is a nationally accredited mediator and a recognised expert in the area of dispute resolution.  

Nina is the Australian Film Code Conciliator and a member of numerous mediation panels including the national Franchise panel, the Commonwealth Ombudsman panel of Facilitators, the NSW Workers Compensation Commission panel of mediators, etc.

Nina is a casual lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney and has taught at numerous universities including, The University of Sydney, Monash and Hong Kong University. Nina recently featured in 4 videos discussing Farm Debt Mediation in NSW.  Nina has taught thousands of people how to negotiate more effectively and resolve conflict.  

Nina is a co-author of the Workplace Conflict Guide, available on iTunes.

See Nina Harding’s cv and experience at: www.ninaharding.com


Claire Sargent
Warren Fischer

Warren is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland and has in excess of 30 years of international experience in Civil and Structural Engineering in the fields of building, mining, roadworks, bridge and civil construction.  He has been involved in a wide range of engineering activities including feasibility studies, design, construction management, project management and contract administration. 

Warren is a Past National President and a past Queensland Chapter Chair of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia. He actively practices alternative dispute resolution as a Grade 1 Arbitrator, Expert Determiner, a Senior Adjudicator in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the ACT and as an Accredited Mediator. 

Warren has previously lectured and presented for the Professional Certificate in Arbitration (University of Adelaide) and Certificate in Adjudication (IAMA) and is a Co-author of “The Adjudicator’s Guide” (Eurofield Information Solutions). For the past two years, Warren has delivered the “Decision Writing” component of the Queensland Certificate in Adjudication Course for the QBBC.

Chris Phillips
South West WA

Family law, parenting or property, workplace, government, commercial, organisational ,community, environmental,  or any area of life, I mediate in

Alison James
Adelaide, South Australia

Alison James is the Founder of SHAW Dispute Resolution and is now a barrister at the SA Bar

SHAW Dispute Resolution is a national firm offering mediation, arbitration and workplace investigations. SHAW DR specialise in out-of-court dispute resolution. It is fast, convenient and flexible.

Alison's aim is to help clients reach an outcome quickly, which can become legally enforceable, avoiding or minimising lengthy and costly court processes.

Alison is independent, neutral and legally trained. 

We help resolve all kinds of disputes whether it be an individual dispute, organisational dispute or a cross commercial matter. From family matters to business and workplace matters, we have a Mediator that you will feel comfortable and confident with that can assist you in moving forward from your dispute. 

Daniel Jordan
Robert O'Hern
Peter McNeill
Elizabeth Hinton
David Levin Q.C.

Construction Law; Computer Law. 45 Years at the Bar; 20 years as a QC

Sara Tovey
Marilyn Hopkins

Legal Lawyer

Janine Wilson
Newcastle, Hunter, Central Coast

Janine has been working in the area of commercial disputes for over 17 years. She has extensive experience in contractual disputes, building and construction, insolvency and professional liability. Janine became accredited as a mediator in 2014 and is focused on helping parties to explore solutions to the disputes they face in many areas of their professional and personal lives.

Graham Lancaster
Wollongong Sydney
Nigel Woodward
Fiona Bigelli
Sydney, NSW

Highly experienced Mediator, Conflict Management & Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Workplace Investigator and registered FRDP.

Specialist in workplace and human interpersonal conflict resolution (education, estates, tenancy, strata etc) with rich experience across industries such as the arts, banking, education, government, small to medium enterprises and large ASX organisations.

Conducts mediations, conflict management coaching, leadership coaching and mentoring, facilitated conversations, workplace culture reviews, team dynamics reviews and workplace investigations.  Facilitates group and individual processes.  Regularly engaged by lawyers to resolve formal legal processes on foot.

Able to manage highly complex and emotionally charged conflict in a variety of circumstances and settings.

Former workplace lawyer and senior executive in banking and FMCG organisations with extensive experience in business management and people leadership.  Strong commercial experience with a pragmatic and professional approach to matters.

Highly experienced at collaborating with Senior Executive Level Leaders, Board Directors and Legal Counsel. 

Member of a variety of organisational panels and preferred supplier to a number of organisations. 

Co-Chair of the Resolution Institute's Workplace Mediation Subcommittee and Peer Supervisor at the Resolution Institute to newly accredited mediators and conflict management coaches.

Co-Founder & Director of PAX PEOPLE RESOLUTIONS based in Sydney's CBD.  See website www.paxpeople.com.au

Stewart McMullin

Focussing on supporting business to resolve disputes, Independent Mediators Australia prides itself on understanding the psychology of conflict and providing high quality interventions at the earliest opportunity.

To maximise success, we can match our professional mediators according to their experience and relative to the nature of the conflict.

We aim to keep the process as straight forward as possible reducing anxiety for all parties, while maintaining our professional standards.

Eric Hebron

Construction/Architecture/Engineering Commercial/Industrial/Residential Architecture Building Dispute Mediation

Stephen Porter
Ioanita Gentles
Melissa Matthews
Central West NSW


I worked as a lawyer until I decided to focus my efforts on delivering mediation services.

Mediation puts the clients at the centre of the process and I help clients by facilitating a conversation where clients can move through the steps in order to move on with their lives.

My experience in the legal industry helps me to understand the process and also to assist clients to navigate what can be a complex system during often a difficult time personally.

I work with clients to ensure mediation is suitable and also to understand what they need to feel safe.

Sarahjane Robertson

Positive Future Mediation (PFM) is a Nationally Accredited Family Dispute Resolution practice with a special interest in mediating matters where Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) or high conflict has occurred.

We have extensive experience in dealing with DFV survivors and perpetrators. Our staff possess an in-depth understanding of the fundamental dynamics of DFV and the methods used to create an imbalance of power between parties even after separation.

We provide clients with a safe and supportive environment to communicate with one another whilst addressing family and parenting issues.

We accommodate parties where there has been high conflict by providing flexible FDR services via Skype, Phone and Phone Shuttle.

We assist clients with creating workable outcomes and mutually satisfactory agreements in a professional manner at affordable fixed fees.

Christine Jones
Tony Dempsey
Sydney CBD

Experienced in resolving Landlord and Tenant disputes, Franchisor and franchisee disputes, Shareholder disputes, Partnership disputes, Intellectual Property disputes re Trademarks, Patents and Copyright breach, Builder and Principal disputes and Financial advice and investment dispute.

95% success rate in resolving the dispute.



Julia Zhu
Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland
Joanna Betteridge

Experienced mediator and facilitator of workplace disputes, employment and OHS lawyer, employment, discrimination and OHS post graduate law lecturer (Senior Fellow) for Monash University, experienced non executive Director with experience of the Governance/Management interface

Christine McCarthy

See website www.christinemccarthymediation.com

Elizabeth Taylor
Jack  Nalpantidis
Leanne Daldy

Located in Shepparton, Victoria, Leanne is an Accredited Mediator and Human Resources Specialist who has worked across the private and public sector.  Leanne has a genuine interest in supporting people to resolve the disruption that conflict brings to their lives.  Mediation is a powerful tool, which allows respectful engagement between individuals or groups to seek to have their needs and interests heard and understood.  Mediation can achieve great comfort to both parties as they explore the dispute in a safe and structured process.  

An alternative to joint mediation is the opportunity to engage Leanne in a one-on-one coaching session’s, which will empower the individual to achieve a self-directed resolution.  

Saul Rozenbes
Rae-Anne Medforth

Rae-Anne�s interest in dispute resolution has resulted in over 20 years experience in workplace relations in the public sector, higher education and health industry, and more recently advising business on a broad range of industrial relations issues. In addition to this sound basis she has worked and represented organisations in the international arena including the UN. She has also participated in high level negotiations and discussions at UN forums. Rae-Anne�s extensive and wide ranging experience has contributed to the development of her negotiation and advocacy skills to a high level. Her areas of expertise are human resource management, industrial regulation and mediation in the workplace. As an industrial relations negotiator and advocate Rae-Anne has had extensive experience in workplace dispute resolution, working as a an industrial officer and advocate with unions at the state, national and international levels before using her knowledge and experience more broadly as a workplace consultant. Rae-Anne�s mediation work has resulted in clients being assisted to find practical settlements to difficult workplace disputes.

Kath Logan
Regional NSW and Southern Qld

I specialize in helping country families and businesses make agreements that work.

As a nationally accredited mediator and Attorney-General registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, I offer general mediation and family dispute resolution services.

Ten years experience negotiating access and managing disputes between CSG, mining and infrastructure projects and stakeholders has given me a wealth of site experience and a working understanding of the issues and opportunities involved. I am uniquely placed to help landholders, communities and businesses make agreements that work. 

I am also an experienced community relations and public consultation practitioner.


Susie Manson
Dale Morrell

Member MIE Australia, MBA (NSW)

Karen Howard, FAICD, Med-NMAS
Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter

Mediation First - Not all matters are suitable for mediation - but not all matters need to end up in litigation either.

As an Accredited Mediator, Karen Howard brings to her business Mediation First, a pragmatic and calm approach to mediation formed from over two decades of running successful businesses, and over 19 years' experience as an Independent Non-executive Director serving on charity, NFP, private and Government boards.

She is passionate about helping people resolve conflict and disputes.

Roz Townsend
Central West, Bathurst, Regional

An experienced mediator, communication/conflict coach, adult educator, elder mediator, and corporate trainer. Roz has 18 years experience as a mediator and 30 years as an adult educator and corporate trainer.

She has written a number of books in the field of communication and mindfulness in language including:

  1. Future Words - How our Words Create Reality;
  2. Body Language;
  3. 7 Easy Ways to Improve Social Intelligence;
  4. Living Wealth - How to Live a Life of Balance and Harmony;
  5. Manners Matter;
  6. Love Well;
  7. Presentation Skills.


Jenny Devlin

Experienced, empathetic and efficient Mediator, FDRP, Consultant, Trainer, Supervisor and Coach.

Versatile application of high level conflict transformation skills to a wide range of contexts, including but not limited to workplace, family, cross-cultural, community, environmental and commercial. 

Highly regarded trainer of nationally accredited mediation training course. 

2015 Practitioner Award for the Creative Adaptation of Dispute Resolution for Specific Needs, in recognition of approach to mediation practice, training and supervision. particularly in cross-cultural contexts. 

2008-2010 Rotary World Peace Fellow

Sarah Clarke
Shawn Whelan
Melbourne (Fitzroy), willing to travel

Mediator, facilitator and conflict consultant

I have been a mediator since 1996 and a teacher of mediation (at Monash University and elsewhere) since 2001.

My mediation practice draws from the facilitative, transformative and narrative streams of practice. I am comfortable mediating any matters in which specialist technical knowledge is not required. I have developed particular expertise in workplace grievances, bullying & harassment, and in working with religious & community organisations experiencing conflict. I have also worked with First Nations groups in a range of roles.

I have a sliding scale of fees depending on the situation of the client. See http://www.shawnwhelan.com.au for further information about me and my work.

Michael Maguire
Queensland, Australia, New Zealand

Michael works with ex partners empowering them to participate effectively in the mediation process. He works with them to ensure that the development needs of their children are taken into account in their decision making. He works with them to design property settlement solutions that allow them to start again and move on with their lives.



Julian Kelly
Tamworth, New England NSW






Anthony Fox
Prof. Dr Andrew Christie
Australia | Singapore | Europe

Arbitrator and mediator specialising in IP, IT, franchising and related commercial disputes

In addition to my role as Professor of Intellectual Property at Melbourne Law School, I am an experienced arbitrator and mediator who accepts appointments for the resolution of intellectual property, information technology, franchising and related commercial disputes.

With degrees in science and in law, and admission to legal practice in Australia, England and Wales, I have substantial knowledge and experience across all areas of IP and IT - including copyright, designs, domain names, integrated circuit layouts, patents, plant breeder's rights, software, trademarks and trade secrets.

Engaged in dispute resolution for more two decades, I have received appointments from a range of institutions worldwide, including the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, the ICC International Centre for ADR, and Resolution Institute.

Ben McGloin
Tweed Heads NSW

Ben is a chartered civil engineer with over ten years construction experience in airports, tunnels, ports, rail, roads, bridges and property development.  Ben is the director of McGloin Engineering which specialises in project management, contract management, design management, business management and dispute resolution.