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Gail Anderson

Teaching, Project Administrator - Construction Industry

Nigel Biginell

Nigel is a panel member of CRS and IAMA and has received National Accreditation as a mediator trainer and coach. He is appointed as an Advanced Practitioner member with LEADR. Nigel holds a Masters degree in Dispute Resolution and is a senior member on mediation panels for both the Supreme Court of the ACT and the ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal. Nigel has worked for over 30 years in training and developing people skills, facilitation, workplace mediation and dispute resolution. His experience as a mediator covers a diverse range of clientele and subject matter. Mediations he has successfully undertaken include commercial, workplace and relationship issues in the public, private and community sectors.

Simon Davies
Catherine Smith
Philip Watson
Genevieve Armson
Nicole Davidson
Capital cities, regional Victoria

Highly experienced in commercial and workplace disputes.

Having settled many commercial disputes in the process of litigation, I realised that many of these could have been resolved many months, and thousands of dollars, earlier if mediation had taken place prior to issuing legal proceedings.  With more and more mandatory pre-litigation mediation in commercial areas such as franchising and retail tenancies, I an advocate for earlier mediation in a wide range of commercial disputes.

I believe that conflict and disputes can be resolved constructively to preserve the longer term relationship.  I also believe that this can be done much more cost effectively than would happen in court.

I bring considerable commercial experience to my mediation practice, having worked previously in the law, investment banking and insolvency.  I aim to get the best solution possible and assist in maintaining on ongoing relationship.

I also offer negotiation consulting services to assist parties in structuring agreements that maximise value and reduce the risk of future conflict.

Robert Heath
Melbourne and Dubai
Jasmin Newman
Antonino de Fina

Immediate Past President - Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Past President - IAMA Patron- Australian Underwater Federation Member/Past Member - Number of committees of Standards Association of Australia Member of Court - Cour Europeene d'Arbitrage

Josie Vescio
John Roberts
Dr Richard Whitwell CPA Lawyer Mediator
Canberra and Queanbeyan
Matthew Shepherd

Solicitor since 1990. Accredited as a Family Law Specialist by the NSW Law Society in 1996. Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System. Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (can issue S60I Certificates). NSW District Court Panel Mediator NSW Law Society Panel Mediator. Committee Member - NSW Law Society Dispute Resolution Committee. Trained in Mediation with Bond University, University of Technology Sydney, LEADR and the Australian Institute for Relationship Studies. Member of NSW Law Society, Family Law Section of Federal Law Council, LEADR and NSW Collaborative Practitioners, Australian Institute of Family Lawyers & Mediators. Trained Collaborative Practitioner. www.shepherdsfamilylaw.com.au

Danica Buljan
Dispute Resolution Specialist
Peter Callaghan SC

The major part of my work as a barrister has been in the construction industry (building and engineering) and general commercial matters. Other areas in which I have had significant involvement are disciplinary aspects of the racing industries, administrative law, personal injuries and industrial law. My work in the Defence Force involved, in particular, judicial roles in over 60 trials and acting as Counsel assisting in, and as President of, Boards of Inquiry. I have been involved predominantly in ADR matters over the past decade or so.

Raja Sharma
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Online, Telephone and Face to Face Mediation Services are now available.

With RS Mediation, all services are now available via online channels through either your computer, iPad, tablet or mobile phone. All your mediation and dispute resolution services can be delivered to you in the privacy and comfort of your home, your workplace or any place of your choosing. Mediation is also offered face to face through traditional means. I am quite experienced in delivering dispute resolution through video and voice channels, achieving desired outcomes. All services are of the highest professional standard, best in class while maintaining confidentiality.

Kristie Walker
Sydney Australia

Sometimes at work, things get difficult. Miscommunications, values not aligned, differences of opinion, conflicting priorities....and that's before you even get into the really tricky stuff like bullying allegations, entrenched conflict and team dysfunction. Sometimes, people lose their ability to see the issues clearly, to communicate constructively and to retain their empathy. That's where On Track Investigations can assist. We specialise in resolving difficult workplace issues. Our skilled practitioners have significant experience in managing and resolving conflict across a wide array of industries as well as extensive experience in identifying and investigating misconduct. 

On Track Investigations can provide:

  • Formal mediation 
  • Facilitated conversations
  • Team reviews and interventions
  • Investigation services
  • Staff development around effective conversations and conflict management.

On Track Investigations takes pride in providing an environment in which individuals and teams can have honest, meaningful, respectful and calm discussions to raise and explore issues, identify solutions, and take ownership for their success. 

Fiona Besir

I provide affordable Mediation services as well as Family Dispute Resolution, with the option for those sessions to be lawyer inclusive.  I tailor the Mediation to individual parties' needs.  I can issue Section 60i Certificates.

My aim is to help families affected by separation and divorce reach solutions without going to Court, as well as making private mediation widely accessible.

I bring to Mediation a thorough understanding of the Family Law system and its processes having been admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2008 and working exclusively in Family Law.  I have provided specialised advice on complex property settlements, maintenance, child support, divorce and parenting disputes, having held employment as a Senior Associate for a leading Family Law firm in Western Australia.

I can provide Mediation services within a short time frame and on Saturdays if required.  Sessions take place in my boardroom facilities in Victoria Square.

I welcome you to review www.familylawmediationsa.com.au to find further information on Mediation and my fees and services.


Julie Walker
Kendall Trudgen
Northern Beaches and Northern Sydney

Consultation, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution through a Mediation framework.

Have your say in the process employed as I have had many years experience in blended models, particularly in cross-cultural circumstances (informed by experience with Indigenous (Yolŋu) law systems).

Eric Au
Melbourne, Victoria
Bill Steenson
Sydney-based, will travel

Dispute resolution and facilitation. Expertise managing whistleblower disclosures in workplace and organisational contexts (including for a regulator).

Lucinda Aboud
Roslyn Gaskell

Organisational Psychologist and Mediator with 30 years experience assisting resolution of workplace disputes in private industry and government. Metropolitan Sydney and Regional NSW availability.

Teresa Brook

1st Call Construction (Oct 2006 - Current) - Change Manager, Communication Consultant and Coach Bechtel Mining and Metals (Nov 2002 - 2006) - Knowledge Manager and Wed Services Manager 1st Call Construction (Nov 2000 - Nov 2002) - Communications Consultant Previous roles include: -Records Manager/Doc ument Control Manager for Bechtel and Flour Daniel -Estimating assistant for Fletcher Construction My work is predominantly in the areas of Change Management, Organisational Communications and Knowledge Management and is typically centered in the Construction, Mining and Infrastructure sectors. More recently my expertise has been applied within a legal firm, a couple of finance entities and a not-for-profit organization. I have assisted clients to: ᆬ Design, facilitate and implement their organisational change ᆬ Introduce and integrate sound communication and project management practices. ᆬ Identify, manage and reuse their high value knowledge ᆬ Implement retrenchment strategies ᆬ Identify and collate key material in support of contractual claims. I place a strong emphasis on the integration of communication throughout the management process taking the team on the journey and managing stakeholder�s expectations. In addition to the communication and change management services, 1st Call also provides a range of dispute resolution services including interpretive and forensic engineering services. We often engaged to prepare presentations for negotiation and mediation and often assist in briefing lawyers and barristers. The services also extend into assistance with security of payment matters and adjudication. My involvement in these services over the last five years has now taken me to the next step and formalizing my mediation capability. My passion is that disputes can be headed off early if people had the personal skills to do so. This in turn has lead to 1stCall providing leadership training focused on increasing personal awareness designed to: ᆬ Develop leaders communication style ᆬ Understand the impact of their communication behavior ᆬ Approaches to managing change, ambiguity and conflict ᆬ Understand team dynamics and group decision making. It has also lead to facilitation of business agreements, coaching senior company executives and their teams, as well as transitional coaching and personal development of project managers. I continue to focus on working with leaders to develop their soft skills and conflict awareness. Employment History: 1st Call Construction (Oct 2006 � Current) Change Manager, Communications Consultant and Coach Bechtel Mining and Metals (Nov 2002 � 2006) Knowledge Manager and Wed Services Manager 1st Call Construction (Nov 2000 � Nov 2002) Communications Consultant Previous roles include: Records Manager / Document Control Manager for Bechtel and Flour Daniel Estimating assistant for Fletcher Construction Education & Training BTLi Pty Ltd Gateway Review Team member Training (2009) (Gateway review are planned panel reviews for Government projects.) The On-Purpose Life Academy Certificate in Coaching for Life and Workplace Coaching (2008) Yellowhouse (2008 / 2002). (Latest version) Certificate in Project Management Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE 2) Model Six Sigma (In house Training) (2005) Certified Yellow Belt Queensland University of Technology (2000) Graduate Diploma in Communication Organisational Communication Major Queensland University of Technology (1996) Bachelor of Built Environment Industrial Design Major Other Queensland Ambulance Peer Trainer, CPR (2005/2009)

Alan Wein

I provide an active engagement process of mediation, designed to encourage parties to focus on issues and resolutions that will lead to positive lasting outcomes in commercial litigation, franchising, estates and property and leasing disputes.

Penny Webster

Wilson and Webster Consultancy Services provide assistance to organisations in matters related to complaints and grievances. Our services include:

Dispute Resolution After careful analysis we select an appropriate dispute resolution process and work with the parties to create a fair and optimal outcome for all.

Professional Development We provide a range of professional development options; including awareness raising seminars, skills based training and specialist coaching for individuals.

Organisational Review and Analysis We partner with our clients to develop a whole of organisation approach to responding to internal and external complaints and grievances. We develop policy and recommendations that integrate the complexity of the regulatory environment and diverse stakeholders and that facilitate a continuous improvement approach.



Complaints and Appeals

Bullying and Mobbing, Harassment

Employee conflict

Workers Compensation and Workplace Injuries

Privacy, Records Management



We work with government and community services and have specialist knowledge of Mental Health Services, Health Services, Workers Compensation, Human Services, Tertiary Education and Social Housing.



Brett Pomroy

Full service mediator or works with parties, for parties to archive outcomes.

Services include all areas of dispute, with the exception of family court mediation.

Able to travel to specific locations, online facilities available and can provide legal binding agreements.

Legally trained and qualified.

Leigh Avuri
South East Qld and Northern NSW

Leigh Avuri specialises in family, commercial, workplace and organisational disputes. http://www.avurilawyers.com.au

Kathy (Kate) Pulford
Anthony Zaspel
Rowena McNally

Rowena McNally is an experienced corporate lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, company director and adjudicator. She is a Grade 2 arbitrator (IAMA); an accredited Queensland building and construction industry (BCIPA) adjudicator and is an accredited mediator with LEADR and the Queensland Law Society. She is a member of the Law Council of Australia's E-commerce and Corporations Committees and is a member of the auDA domain name disputes panel. Rowena is the Queensland Sugar Industry Commissioner and Chair of the Chicken Meat Industry Committee and is experienced in mediating and arbitrating disputes in the rural sector. She has also been involved for several years as a director in water infrastructure (construction and supply). She is also a member of the Queensland Government Energy Arbitrator Panel. Rowena practiced as a solicitor for a number of years in the areas of corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, domestic and international commodity marketing; shipping and transport, litigation and construction disputes, intellectual property and insurance.

Roz Taylor

Respect at Work exists to re-boot your workplace culture because all workplaces should be respectful and safe and we all have the responsibility to create and contribute to the workplace culture we are entitled to.

Without respect there is no trust and without trust our workplace productivity decreases and inappropriate behaviours and disrespectful communications increase causing uncomfortable, toxic environments for everyone. 

The purpose of Respect at Work is to encourage, engage and increase the positive workplace values of respect, fairness, equity and kindness because when we feel respected at work we become more present, we work harder and we commit more.   

Respect at Work is a Tasmanian small business that has been in operation since 2017; reminding participants about respectful behaviours and communication.  Roz is the founder and managing consultant of Respect at Work and believes that all workplaces should be respectful and mentally safe for everyone. 
Respect at Work delivers Respectful Workplace Relationship sessions that may also include unconscious bias, respectful diversity, bullying, discrimination and legislation.  All sessions are tailored to specific industries, workplace policies, codes of conduct and current or potential issues.
Roz engages and encourages participants to participate, learn, communicate better and improve their workplace practices. 

Respect at Work also conducts workplace mediations because sometimes the path through conflict is easier to follow with a confidential and impartial mediator to guide the process.

Jamie Royal
Philip Argy - Mediator, arbitrator, expert determiner

Commercial mediator, arbitrator, negotiator and expert determiner.

My website

Darren Gardner

Legal Officer and Counsel Assisting; Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Partner, Cutler Hughes and Harris

John Morris


Vittoria Heck

Options Counselling & Mediation.

Experienced relationship counsellor and mediator 


Jared Laughlin

Experienced mediator, facilitator and workplace psychologist.

I provide high quality workplace mediation services to clients in the public, private and not for profit sectors.  I can assist parties to quickly and equitably resolve disputes and to rebuild working relationships.

Some examples of the kinds of disputes which I have resolved are:

  • bullying, harassment and workplace treatment claims;
  • interpersonal disputes between individuals and groups;
  • pay, conditions and other employee entitlements;
  • discrimination and adverse action claims;
  • performance management and disciplinary matters;
  • workplace safety and workers compensation claims; and
  • disagreements over restructures and other organisational changes.
David Yuille
Simon Matters
Glen Waverley

I focus on commercial litigation and construction disputes, but at DisputeOver  we offer mediation services for a wide range of disputes, including neighbourhood, employment, and not-for-profit disputes.

We use facilitative mediation techniques to assist you to resolve your dispute without the wasted time and expense of litigation, if at all possible.

Dennis Barton
Dennis Barton has practiced as an actuary in government service and private practice, and established a financial planning practice. His expertise is in the areas of superannuation, financial planning and retirement villages. Dennis Barton has practiced as an actuary in government service and private practice, and established a financial planning practice. His expertise is in the areas of superannuation, financial planning and retirement villages.
John Livermore

My arbitrations have included building disputes (owner/builder contracts),tenancy agreements and boundary fence disputes.

I have extensive experience from presenting at aviation conferences in Seoul,Beijing,Taipei and Shanjai and maintain active contacts there are in the US and Europe.

I am a transport law and policy specialist and am a member of the Tasmanian Logistics Committee

Anne Ardagh
Marie Sullivan OAM
Bathurst NSW 2795

Mediation stages

  1. Mediator’s Opening Statement – explains her role and the ground rules – one to speak at a time in a respectful manner note: can take “time out” if upset or lacking control; neutrality/ impartiality of mediator; confidential process.
  2. Parties Statements and Mediator’s Summaries (each tells their side of the matter without interruption by the other).
  3. Identification and Listings of Issues – agree order of items to be discussed
  4. First joint explanatory negotiation through direct communication between the parties (pinpointing and listing any proposed options).
  5. First private meeting – a confidential and private, one on one meeting with each party (either party may request time out as needed).
  6. Second joint negotiation – nutting out the agreement (can include further private/one on one meeting with the negotiators).
  7. Concluding joint negotiation to fine tune all agreements made.
  8. Mediator photographs white board and later off-site writes up the agreement, finalises, emails to parties.
  9. Parenting order filed with the Court to make it enforceable, or it is agreed that it is not necessary to do so.
  10. Terms of Property Settlement fine-tuned, agreed and provided to the Parties’ lawyers for filing with the Court as Consent Orders thus concluding any litigation on foot. 

What happens in mediation?

Mediation is a flexible process that can be adapted to suit the parties and the circumstances. 

Narelle Fordham

Resolve Sydney specialises in accredited Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and mediation services, (S60I Certificates).

Our aim is to provide effective interventions and services that foster stronger relationships and develop healthy ways to cope with relationship change.

Resolve Sydney professionals have specialised training and experience in psychology, family dispute resolution, family therapy, educational and developmental psychology, mediation, and family law.

In addition to family dispute resolution we offer parent guidance training, and child & adolescent therapy to assist families to build happier, stronger relationships through relationship education, negotiation and skills training.

Lisanne (Elisabeth) Iriks
Bonnie Miller
Melbourne Mediation Centre Greensborough

Bonnie Miller provides a range of specialist dispute resolution services for people in conflict, supporting them to address concerns and reach mutually agreeable solutions. She has expertises in the areas of healthcare, education, business, and family disputes. 

Bonnie is a Director of Melbourne Mediation Centre (MMC) and Managing Director of The Collaboration Group (TCG).  

MMC provides mediation in the areas of Family Dispute Resolution, Elder Issues, and Aged Care Disputes.  Further information can be found at Melbourne Mediation Centre.

TCG provides a broad range of conflict resolution and leadership development services for workplaces.  Services include, team dynamics assessment, DISC profiling, and workshop delivery.  Further information can be found at The Collaboration Group.

Bonnie is also a listed panel member of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman alternative dispute resolution providers.


Peter Harvey