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Tom Stodulka

Over 1400 mediations across 4 jurisdictions with expertise in family, workplace, commercial, franchise and community disputes. Conflict coach and coach and supervisor for new and experienced mediators. Member of Justice and Defence Depts ADR panel, national accred with 5 RMABs incl IAMA, LEADR, QLS. Member Bond Uni teaching staff, QLS ADR C'ttee and QLS. Founder and convenor Qld ADR Forum. Assessor for national accreditation at Bond and UQ. Author and co-author of ADR articles.

Elizabeth Taylor
Mark Tedeschi AM QC
Wardell Chambers, Sydney

Practising in the fields of mediation and arbitration, commissions & inquiries, disciplinary law and general regulatory law.



Emma Broomfield
North coast of NSW

I provide workplace, community and public dispute resolution and facilitation services across regional NSW.  My passion is helping others solve problems and work together for the benefit of their community. I am interested in how mediation (both the process and principles) can be used to improve decision making and therefore outcomes for our communities.  

As a qualified lawyer and nationally accredited mediator, I also provide legal and governance advice to organisations that need help navigating the complexities of the government and regulatory system. My clients include local councils and not for profits across regional areas. 

Alan Ogg

Mediator for 19 years with over 1600 mediations conducted. Member of LEADR's Advanced Panel and an FDRP. Mediation trainer & coach in 80+ basic & advanced training workshops within Australia and SE-Asia. Experienced Care & Protection mediator. Cross-cultural expertise.

Philip Meyer

Civil Enginering Dispute Resolution

Danielle Jaku-Greenfield
Rick Subotkiewicz
Kate Price
Connect, Inspire, Restore, Transform

Reach outcomes that work for you
Have the conversation and not a fight
Save time and prevent drawn out conflict

Facilitation | Workplace Mediation | Family Mediation | Elder Mediation

You know what the issues are, what needs to change and what is important to you. Mediation allows you to stay in control, gives you a chance to have your say, and achieves outcomes that you know will work.

Kate Price is Managing Director and Principle Practitioner of ​Chalice Consulting. Kate has been a nationally accredited mediator for over ten years and has worked with families, neighbours, community organisations as well as workplaces and businesses in conflict.

John Nunns

Experienced in commercial, construction, estate, small-medium family business enterprise (including farming) disputes. Barrister for over 40 years, specialising (over 25 years) in advice and representation in Commercial, Property, and Building and Trusts, Equity, Probate and Estate  disputes relating to commercial contracts generally and real property (sales, leases, mortgages), guarantees, sale of businesses, professional liability, insurance, sale/lease of goods and equipment (including performance and suitability for purpose), product liability, building and engineering, copyright, trusts, succession, administration of estates and family provision, companies and partnership. Experienced practising accredited Arbitrator and Mediator conducting arbitrations and mediations in these areas for over 24 years.

Jim Baillie

I arbitrate, determine or facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes, particularly those involving private companies and trusts, professional services firms and not for profit organisations.  I am a very experienced business lawyer with a reputation for problem solving and getting things done to the satisfaction of all involved parties. 

Lindsay Smith
Belinda Lynch

Mediator - Workplace mediation

P​ersonal mediation 

Conflict Resolution Training 

Conflict Coaching 

Management of complex workplace conflict and complaints

Nicole Davidson
Capital cities, regional Victoria

Highly experienced in commercial and workplace disputes.

Having settled many commercial disputes in the process of litigation, I realised that many of these could have been resolved many months, and thousands of dollars, earlier if mediation had taken place prior to issuing legal proceedings.  With more and more mandatory pre-litigation mediation in commercial areas such as franchising and retail tenancies, I an advocate for earlier mediation in a wide range of commercial disputes.

I believe that conflict and disputes can be resolved constructively to preserve the longer term relationship.  I also believe that this can be done much more cost effectively than would happen in court.

I bring considerable commercial experience to my mediation practice, having worked previously in the law, investment banking and insolvency.  I aim to get the best solution possible and assist in maintaining on ongoing relationship.

I also offer negotiation consulting services to assist parties in structuring agreements that maximise value and reduce the risk of future conflict.

Bianca Roche-Bolger
Sydney City, North Shore, Inner West

Highly experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Child Consultant and Collaborative Coach.

Based in the City of Sydney

Elizabeth Hinton
Vanessa Mathews
Family Law Mediation Melbourne

Mathews Family Law and Mediation Services is the only firm in Melbourne offering the full range of assisted family dispute resolution options including:

  • Family Dispute Resolution (Parenting)
  • Mediation (Property, Spousal Maintenance & Child Support)
  • Collaborative Law.

Vanessa has a very high success rate with the majority of family dispute resolution matters being resolved by consent and litigation avoided

Vanessa conducts family dispute resolution ‘face to face’ and using web conferencing technology for those who are unable to attend in person or for whom this would be inappropriate.

Fixed fees.

Stephen Herrick
Philip Ware
Australia and International
Saul Rozenbes
Emily Dewberry

Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Financial Lines

Emily is a commercial litigation lawyer with extensive hands-on experience as a professional negotiator when she previously headed up a national claims team handling professional indemnity, public liability, D&O and financial lines claims.

Emily now mediates insurance related disputes where she brings her understanding and experience as a lawyer, a client and a resolver of disputes - to the table.

Emily is also a trained CINERGY conflict management coach.  She uses these skills in private sessions during mediation and separately as a coach to individuals who find themselves in high conflict roles.

For further information on Emily and how she can help you - please go to www.dewberry.net.au. 

Anne Sawtell
Lisa de Winter
Bruce Atkinson
Maitland - Hunter Valley

Accredited mediator with consulting engineering background.

  • Broad experience in specifications and contracting.
  • Experienced in R&D and Intellectual Property.
  • Mining and infrastructure.
  • Environmental management.
rosalind bolitho
Carol Young

I have a vast array of experience as an allied health professional managing complex physical and psychological injury/illness. I also have qualifications as an auditor of injury management and occupational health and safety systems. I have qualifications also in human resources. These varied academic and occupational interests enable me to provide a holistic approach to intervention.


I provide mediation and facilitated discussion between relevant parties aimed at reaching an agreement that each part is satisfied with.


I have had experience in varied work locations i.e. office based to building labouring environments to seafarers. This experience allowed to have greater awareness of people support needs and how best to adopt strategy fro intervention to better meet these needs.   

Robert Allan
Emma Watt
Melbourne's eastern suburbs
  • Helping workplaces move past disputes and focus on productivity
  • 20 years' experience in human resources and workplace relations
  • Practical approach, help facilitate workable outcomes for all parties

I am a volunteer with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, and usually have a trainee puppy with me who is learning and socialising. The puppy will sleep a lot and won't interrupt a mediation.


Anna  Crotty

Secretary Australian Teachers Union, Industrial Commission, Anti Discrimination 15 years.

Vivien Brewer
Sydney area

Trained in Conflict Management

Philip McNamara QC
Bernadette Le Grand
Moira Jenkins

Dr Moira Jenkins is an experienced psychologist, mediator and trainer. She takes a very practical and evidence based approach to assisting organisations to develop systems that both prevent and manage bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. She conducts specialized meditations in this area and has conducted numerous workshops for and on behalf of LEADR in the area of mediating bullying and harassment complaints. She has been a coach / mentor in the Conflict Coaching courses in New Zealand. Her book ‘Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying and Harassment: An OHS approach’ has been released through Australian Academic Press, and has received rave reviews for its practical and evidence based approach to preventing and managing bullying. Moira can be contacted through her website: www.aboto.com.au

Gregory Thorpe

Contracting price forecasting, competitive market design, regulatory and governance for electricity and gas industry. Mr Thorpe has over 30 years experience in electricity and gas market and utility environments. He is a director of the consulting firm of Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd and previously led the energy practice for CRA International in Australasia. He has been a member of panels hearing major disputes under the market rules for gas and electricity. He has also assisted parties in mediation and been an expert witness. Mr Thorpe has extensive experience designing, developing, reviewing, implementing and interpreting codes and rules for utility markets and contracts between market participants. He has experience with different electricity and gas market arrangements used in the eastern states of Australia, Western Australia and internationally. He has led multi-disciplinary teams of economists, engineers and policy specialists assisting businesses, regulators and market authorities with commercial, technical and governance issues in competitive and regulated sectors of electricity and gas markets. He has used sophisticated market models to value generation and transmission assets for international and local investors and advised on risks and opportunities under the various rules and contract structures. Mr Thorpe�s prior positions have included as an Associate Director of the Australian National Electricity Code Administrator (1998-2001) and Manager of Codes and Rules for the Victorian Power Exchange (1994-1998). He managed numerous reviews and enhancements to market arrangements undertaking basic design and consultation with stakeholders and regulators. Mr Thorpe was executive officer to the initial Reliability Panel in Australia and he established the first formal monitoring and surveillance regime for the national electricity. His early career experience was as a power system engineer where he worked in power system control of dispatch of generation and transmission, operational planning and cross border sales and in the design of high voltage networks. Also expert in Energy Market, Energy Conracts, and Energy Policy

Lyndon White
construction contract disputes

Long experienced adjudicator, mediator and self-motivated corporate adviser and consultant with in excess of 30 years experience in providing topical advice and assistance to government, public and privately owned and operated entities in relation to the appropriate engagement and delivery mechanisms for the successful planning, construction, operation and maintenance of roadways, tollways, busways, airports, drainage and stormwater systems, sewerage and wastewater systems and pipelines for the carriage of other fluids and gases.

Project and organisational experience spans Australia, East and South Africa, South Asia, South East Asia and includes work in Argentina, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Tanzania and Thailand, using Australian Standard, FIDIC and bespoke relationship and hard dollar contracting mechanisms.

A background in civil engineering and road and airport infrastructure works with a specialisation in contract management and dispute resolution for the purposes of assisting clients with navigating simple, complex and complicated contractual issues.

Nationally accredited Mediator in Australia and PNG and a Registered Adjudicator in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory for construction contract disputes.

Anthony Lo Surdo SC, FCIArb, FACICA, FRI
Australia, Internationally

An experienced exponent of all types of alternative dispute resolution and, in particular, arbitration, mediation and expert determination. Particularly adept at navigating the intricacies of complex multi-party disputes including the resolution of such disputes using an online format.

Colin Fullerton
Adelaide SA

Construction and maintenance of infrastructure & buildings, Water, sewerage and drainage systems, Rail and Road Transport, Contract procurement and management, Electricity transmission, Training courses in procurement & Contract management.

Sarah Harrold
Sydney CBD

Dispute Avoidance, Advisory and Resolution Boards. Expert witness on causes and effects of project delivery problems.



Shiv Martin
Brisbane City and Ipswich

Are you looking for a Mediator that will empower you to resolve your conflict and identify suitable options to move ahead?

I offer a flexible, cost-effective and innovative approach to dispute management and resolution.

I am experienced in facilitative and evaluative mediation processes. In evaluative processes, I can provide parties with impartial and independent information (not advice) on possible legal outcomes should the dispute continue. In addition to my legal qualifications, I have over 10 years experience resolving disputes in the government sector.

I have expertise in conducting face to face mediation as well as using technology manage disputes remotely. We can arrange mediation by phone or web conferences should parties be uncomfortable or unable to meet in person.

I have a special area of interest and expertise in managing high conflict individuals in mediation. I have delivered training and engaged in dealing with this group of individuals.


Robert Weeks
Lea Vanzella
Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

Specialising in high level conflict mediation in all areas. With a background in restorative justice as well as facilitation I am confident to lead groups and individuals through areas of high level conflict.

Mark Williams

Mark is a barrister practising in Brisbane with over 25 years experience in commercial litigation and construction law and has both published and lectured extensively. In addition to advising and representing parties in their disputes Mark has also acted as mediator in over 150 disputes over the last 15 years.

Mark holds the degrees of Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Master of Laws and is a Registered Adjudicator in Queensland under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004.


Catherine Gillespie

Workplace Conflict Resolution is an Australian company committed to supporting other companies in their efforts to achieve workplace harmony. Workplace Conflict Resolution specialises in workplace mediation, grievance investigations and training relating to communication, conflict prevention and management and the prevention of bullying, harassment and unlawful discrimination. Catherine is a Nationally Accredited Advanced Mediator with a special interest in L & D, advanced communication skills and high conflict personalities. Catherine brings an holistic, mindful and curious approach to understanding conflict in each individual workplace such that she is able to recognise systemic issues underlying conflict and advise on employee relations, human resources, leadership and other factors that impact on conflict, culture and performance. (www.WorkplaceConflictResolution.com.au)

Kevan McGill

Electrical Engineering 30- years building services eg Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital G Block Building Construction - Director BMA day labour construction (2y) - schools, hospitals etc Building Design Manager architectural and services design - 2y Building client, Director Building Ministry of Justice (2y) Courts/prisons Energy Safety Regulator - Gas and Electricity Supply, installations and Appliances

Anna McRae-Anderson
Melbourne and outer region

20+ years commercial litigation and mediation experience, LIV Accredited Specialist in Mediation, PON Harvard Law School Advanced Mediation training, Nationally Accredited Mediator specialising in contract, corporations, franchise, property, leasing and IP disputes.  Online ODR, video and telephone dispute resolution services available.


Anna’s dispute resolution experience, including having been a Litigation Principal of a national law firm, provides her with a vivid insight into the challenges faced by participants in our legal system as well as the many benefits of early mediation in dispute resolution.

Anna brings to her mediations her compassion for those in dispute, specialist skills in negotiation and facilitation, as well as her vast understanding of the law, court processes and strategies. 

Anna is keenly aware of the complexities (and often limitations) of our legal system and how protracted litigation can impact both financially and emotionally upon parties, expend the energy and resources of a business, its owners and managers, often distracting them from what is most important, such as getting on with business and their lives.  

Carolyn Madden
Divorce Coaching
Susanna Kolber
Elizabeth Noble
Ruth Beach