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Karen Stott
Sydney, Regional NSW, Tasmania

My mediation practice to date includes:

Receipt of instructions from NSW TMF panel firms and various plaintiff firms in medical negligence matters - District and Supreme Court matters

Mediation of other personal injury matters including motor accidents, worker injuries, occupier liability, carer abuse claims, and other injuries where an occupier / insurer is vicariously liable

Commercial matters (re disputes over sums up to $1M)

Court-appointed mediator to the ACT Magistrates Court 2017 & 2018

Referral of court-ordered mediations from the District Court of NSW 

Workplace mediations


About my legal background:

I am a sole legal practitioner with over 20 years of litigation experience before becoming a full-time mediator in 2016;

For the first 10 years of my career I acted for injured plaintiffs, including the establishment of a successful medical negligence practice in 2000 operating on a contingent basis and without recourse to advertising; 

I then acted at partnership and consultant level in 2 Sydney CBD mid tier law firms for 6+ years, representing various state government departments and commercial insurers in areas such as education, police, roads, health, occupier’s liability and professional liability;

From 2013 to 2016 I acted for approx. 150 insulation industry clients in the 2014 Home Insulation Program Royal Commission, which led to high level consultation with Ministers of the Commonwealth regarding a payment scheme, sourcing of litigation funding and launching of a class action against the Commonwealth.

I became a mediator because I believe that:

Mediation is often the best way of resolving a matter, cost effectively and to the relative satisfaction of all parties;

Mediations should be affordable, so that they are the ADR tool of preference and I believe that I have priced my services modestly and in accordance with these principles.   

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 0418292283, or email me: Karen@ADRmediation.com.au. Visit my website at: www.ADRmediation.com.au

Alicia Hill
Hans Bokelund
Anthony Simpson

Human Resources Manager involved in Case Management, Performance Management, Industrial and Employee Relations.

Sarah Heesom
David Simpson
Canberra, Sydney

Workplace dispute resolution, mediation facilitation and conflict coaching services.  David and the other Team HR practitioners support individuals to develop the skills and confidence to respond to workplace conflict in a constructive and resilient manner.  Working at the individual, team and organisational levels we provide independent professional conflict coaching, facilitation and mediation across industries and sectors.  Based in Canberra, and delivering services throughout Australia, Team HR is a participant on a range of public sector standing offer panels in dispute resolution, capability development and related services.

David M Jay
Sydney CBD

David is a barrister based in Sydney. He practises in mediation and alternate dispute resolution with a particular interest in wills and probate, commercial and guardianship and elder law.

Jacqui Edwards
Steve Lieblich
Perth, Western Australia

Consultant in business development, commercial relations, negotiation and dispute resolution.

Accredited and experienced in mediation, conciliation, facilitation, adjudication (including payment claim disputes and domain name disputes), expert determination, and arbitration.

Provides dispute-resolution services under various formal processes, often succeeding to bring the parties to a resolution BY CONSENT, despite having authority as an arbitrator or adjudicator to determine the matter.

Mark Waters
Heather Williams
Rockingham, Baldivis, Mandurah

Heather, a FDR practitioner and child inclusive practitioner, provides quality mediation and child focused services using an effective, empathic approach to challenges faced by separated families. As a child consultant, Heather supports the child's adjustment to separation by carefully considering the developmental and psychological needs for parenting arrangements. 

Additional services include:

  • supporting children after separation support groups
  • communication skills for parents post separation
  • child counselling
  • family therapy


Michael Ryall
Leanne Daldy

I have 25 years of experience in Human Resource Management and work cover management. My experience is in both public sector (Local government and more recently Health) and the private sector (specifically small and medium sized businesses in various industries). I have a B.Bus (Human Resources) and an associate member of AHRI (Aust. Human Resource Inst.) I have a strong commitment to making a difference to workplace culture.'

Jane Button

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia

Alan Limbury

Alan practises “Principled Negotiation” and interests-based mediation taking a non-judgmental approach, while not shrinking from reality-testing and raising possible options for agreement. He is creatively facilitative, seeking a broad focus, persistent and patient throughout. Alan has a calm, respectful approach, remaining ostensibly optimistic. He often rigorously tests lawyers in confidential session with their clients to obtain a realistic appraisal of their prospects in court or before an arbitrator. An empathetic mediator, Alan is able to help craft a process to suit the needs of the parties while being mindful of but not rigidly bound to any format. He is strictly observant of confidences.

Peter Kassapidis
Rod Perkins

Specialises in building and construction, mining and resources sectors.  

Deb Black

Blackforrest Consulting provides tailored assistance for you in resolving workplace problems.  Principal Deb Black has over 14 years experience in the fields of Change Management, Advocacy, Conciliation , Negotiation, Mediation, Mentoring Training and Development.

Nerida Mulvey
Christopher John Whitelaw

Specialising in Early Dispute Resolution Strategies primarily in commercial disputes, property disputes, building disputes and Wills and Estate disputes. Applying strategies to manage and resolve disputes innovatively and creatively outside of litigation (or to curtail long expensive litigation where possible), keeping costs down, minimising stress and facilitating the restoration of important personal and business relationships.

Eveleen Rao
Hobart CBD

Taxation, small business, retail lease agreement, family, estate & inheritance, workplace and cultural disputes.

I provide dispute resolution and Mediation services to help reduce the burden of stress where parties are met with the unpleasant situation of having a disagreement that they can't resolve together.

My services will help clients resolve disputes before it becomes so big that the court and tribunal becomes involved.  I understand that attending the court and tribunal sessions can be very stressful for parties in dispute and for those who are near and dear to them. It can be time-consuming and is costly to attend. The cost gets unreasonably higher where  legal representatives are involved for advise! 

As an independent mediator and service provider, I will help you to eliminate all the stress listed above. I will step in to find out the background of the issue in dispute, understand the perspective of both participants, have a conversation surrounding what it is that both participants really want to achieve as an outcome and help to nut out prospective solutions.

My aim is to enable both participants reach a mutually acceptable outcome, to ensure they are empowered to make the right choice keeping in mind the real issue to resolve. I will help them build a positive relation with each where possible.

Christine McCarthy

See website www.christinemccarthymediation.com

Garth Brown
Susan Hayes
Sydney, Blue Mountains and surrounds
  • Specialist in: workplace, community/NGO, team, property settlement, estate management, small business mediation; conflict management coaching; and organisational conflict management policy and procedures
  • Experienced in government, private, community, education international development sector.

I offer the following services:

  • Mediation in workplace, community/NGO, team, property settlement, estate management, small business, community group and interpersonal matters
  • Conflict coaching for parties preparing for mediation and individuals preparing for difficult conversations or negotiations
  • Organisational, business unit or team assessment to explore conflict and change management issues and recommend strategies to resolve conflict and enhance performance 
  • Review and meeting facilitation services for organisations dealing with conflict, difficult issues and/or multi-party disputes.
Anthony Melican
Matthew Zilko SC
Carolyn Manning
Melbourne CBD and Australia wide
  • Carolyn Manning is a nationally accredited mediator and Harvard trained negotiator who understands people and organisations. She has over 15 years experience as a mediator and over 20 years experience working as a psychologist. She brings this wealth of experience to her mediation and negotiation work. 
  • She has worked with leading organisations across a range of sectors, including, schools, multi-national mining and car companies, financial services, state and local government, industry ombudsman schemes, health sector, industry representative bodies, aeronautical industry, indigenous organisations, retail services, IT companies, police and leading family law firms.
Douja Elhajj
Perth south separation divorce
Cheryl Bryan
Roslyn Gaskell

Organisational Psychologist and Mediator with 30 years experience assisting resolution of workplace disputes in private industry and government. Metropolitan Sydney and Regional NSW availability.

Michael Stewart

Targeted, effective solutions to complex conflicts including investigation, evaluation and report, recommended interventions including counselling, coaching, mentoring, custom-designed workshops, mediation and facilitated meetings.

John McGruther
Sydney-based, will travel

I am a highly skilled and experienced Mediator, Arbitrator, Conciliator and Facilitator, having been Mediating conflict actively since 1982.  I have conducted over 4,000 highly varied dispute matters throughout Australia and overseas with a very high success rate.  I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator and hold a Mastery in Mediation (Italy and UK).  I regularly coach others in Conflict Resolution.

My Conflict Resolution work has been across a diverse range of areas including Restorative Justice, Work Injury, Farm and Bank Rural Debt, Franchising, Industrial Relations, Mining, and Retail Leases (amongst other), and for a wide range of clients including State and Federal Governments, Schools and Education, Religious bodies, Professional Associations, Sporting Bodies and Judiciary.

I am a qualified Solicitor, Attorney and Barrister (since 1972) and an Accredited Specialist in Business Law.  I have been the Code of Conduct Commissioner for Cricket NSW since 1998, and devote a large part of my time to charitable and community work.

Ben Schoeman
Australia, Africa, South East Asia, Pacific

Accredited Mediator NMAS

Mediation, Conciliation, Facilitation, Problem-solving, Adjudication, Training

I am a full time professional consultant in conflict management and dispute resolution with more than two decades worth of experience. I provide mediation, arbitration, training, change management, development facilitation, organisational transformation, community conflict management, environmental facilitation and labour relations services.

Andrew C. Wood
Southbank, Melbourne

Previously, 11 years as a barrister at the Tasmanian Independent Bar; more than 25 years as a solicitor (20 as a partner in a law firm); University teacher in Employment Law and Public Sector Employment Law & Policy units in LL.M. Program QUT; Accredited mediator (interest based and narrative approaches). I retired from legal practice on 30 June 2019 to concentrate full time on post-law mediation and dispute resolution.

"Post-law" aims to reframe conflict and build accord without recourse to law, legal rules, or legal processes. It links more to the pull of community and relationship than to the push of State and power. It finds affinity with social and community norms and professional standards rather than with tribunal processes and regulations. It is issue-focused rather than claims-focused.

My mediation training was initially done with the Qld Law Society Griffith University, where my M.Admin dissertation reviewed the mediation programme then being trialled in the AAT. Subsequent mediation training was done at Bond University, LEADR (both in Aust and NZ) and the Hobart Narrative Centre. My Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative training was done in Adelaide. I am a member of the Global Collaborative Law Council, which focuses on the application of collaborative practice in the civil (not divorce) field.

My professional interests include developing models of collaborative practice including structured negotiation and structured issue resolution) to support collective bargaining engagement and to resolve relationship-rich and high-trust business & professional disputes such as partnership, franchise and shareholder disputes, professional registration/disciplinary matters, labour supply chain & value-network participant transitions and disruptions. 

Specialities: Recruitment Industry Regulation; Law of work (including employment, recruitment and labour on-hire law); Privacy; Public & Corporate Governance (including competition/consumer regulation). I have designed professional conduct and bargaining regimes that have been authorised on public benefit grounds by the ACCC.

Special additional interests: Cultural heritage - tangible and intangible - "things that should be remembered and things that should not be forgotten".

John Livermore

My arbitrations have included building disputes (owner/builder contracts),tenancy agreements and boundary fence disputes.

I have extensive experience from presenting at aviation conferences in Seoul,Beijing,Taipei and Shanjai and maintain active contacts there are in the US and Europe.

I am a transport law and policy specialist and am a member of the Tasmanian Logistics Committee

Robert Riddell

Building and construction focussed practitioner. His experience with Gadens Lawyers includes practising for six years in Papua New Guinea where he advised on numerous building, mining and infrastructure projects and disputes.  Robert's current practice is focused mainly on the building, construction, property development and management industries, including a wide range of construction-related disputes and retail and other commercial tenancy issues. He has developed substantial front-end expertise in support of many major commercial, industrial and residential developments. Robert has advised administrators and liquidators of construction companies on contract restructuring and recovery strategies. Robert is accredited by the Resolution Institute as a security of payment adjudicator and has held such accreditation since 2003 sits on MBA NSW's Legal and Contracts Committee and is Honorary Patron of the Institute of Building Consultants.  Robert sit on the Resolution Institute's NSW Determinative Dispute Resolution SIG Committee

Tess Dellagiacoma
Lismore, Gold Coast, Brisbane

No waiting list

Evening and Saturday morning appointments

Flat fee for service with an upfront plan and price

Urgent appointments available

Offices in Lismore, Ashgrove and Gold Coast and other locations by arrangement

Personal service



Ruth Chowdhury
Danielle Jaku-Greenfield
Peter Heuzenroeder
Galatee Underwood
WA | Margaret River & Busselton Area

Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner & Workplace Mediator

Underwood Mediation is based in Margaret River and offers services in the South West region as well as in Perth.

Our commitment to clients:

  • Open communication & Non-adversarial process
  • Collaboration & Confidentiality
  • Support to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution
  • Avoid a lengthy and costly court process.

Formally trained in facilitative mediation and in Family Dispute Resolution, Galatee applies her skills in a variety of mediation areas including:

  • Family dispute resolution: Post-Separation, Parenting Plans, Property and Financial Agreements, Wills & Inheritance, Elder mediation, Bilingual families
  • Workplace mediation: conflict coaching and resolution, multicultural workforce conflict management
  • Other areas of mediation practice: Commercial & Business, Not-for-profit sector, Neighbourhood and Community. 

"I have witnessed the many benefits of the mediation process for people as well as for organisations. My long term involvement with the justice system shaped my commitment to supporting people resolve their conflicts outside of Court, wherever possible."

More information: https://au.linkedin.com/in/galatee-underwood-879586104

Toby Nielsen
Renee Fedele

Specialising in Family Dispute Resolution involving children and/or financial issues. We also provide child consultations as part of the Family Dispute Resolution process 

Ian Nosworthy

Admitted SA 1968, also NSW, VIC and NT. Arbitrator, mediator, and litigator in construction and engineering disputes over 20 years. Past Chairman SA Chapter IAMA. LEADR, Law Society ADR Committee member. Numerous published articles, including computerisation, evidence, litigation support, tendering, variations, mediation and arbitration. Many Australian and overseas speaking engagements. Honorary Solicitor Gymnastics (SA).

David Thyer

David Thyer is a Grade 1 Arbitrator, Expert Determiner, an Accredited Mediator and an Accredited Adjudicator in building and construction disputes. David has extensive experience in dealing with disputes between principals, contractors, subcontractors and consultants on commercial, industrial and domestic projects. David as an Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Expert and Mediator has dealt with amounts in dispute up to $24M on issues such as contract interpretation, incomplete works, variation claims, extension of time claims, delay cost claims, prolongation claims, liquidated damages, defects, rectification costs, contractual default, back charges, quality of work and damages claims. David has experience in the use of expedited procedures to reduce the time and cost involved in resolving disputes.

David was the arbitrator in Lin Tiger Plastering Pty Ltd v Platinum Construction (Vic) Pty Ltd [2018] VSC 221 and the adjudicator in Melbourne Steel Erectors v M&I Samaras [2017] VSC 308.

Bevan Bates
Adelaide region
Brett Codd

Extensive Experience in all aspects of building and civil works including design (structural and civil engineering), design management (of complete multidisciplinary teams), project management, superintendency, contracting and subcontracting. Experience in planning applications.

Glenn McGowan QC
Felicity Parton

A professional mediation practice based in Geelong, Victoria.

Accredited mediator and qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP).

Mediation services provided include:

  • family disputes
  • neighbourhood/property disputes
  • workplace bullying
  • personal injury/workplace injury
  • restorative justice